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compagnie 111:aurélien bory, queen elizabeth hall, london - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
compagnie 111:aurélien bory, queen elizabeth hall, london  -  black plastic sheeting
O'relianbori's "No Light" is the work of two acrobats and a 1970 industrial robot.
Olivier Alenda and Olivier Boyer are human actors who are nervous and self-disciplined, but the robot is the star of the show.
It has an amazing range of motion and subtlety: flow and twist, pick up and drop things, and pull down the floor from the feet of human partners.
Bory's Compagnie 111 came to the South Bank as part of the London International Mime Festival.
This celebration of vision ,(mostly)
From acrobats and puppets to lectures on laughter, the wordless drama covers everything.
Bory is an ordinary tourist with a large scale.
Scale the largest venues in some festivals.
In one of his recent shows, an acrobats played the giant version of the Chinese geometry game jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces were bigger than the people who played with them.
The robot, operated by Tristan Baudoin, is a joint-type metal arm originally used to make cars.
The show began with the machine wrapped in black plastic cloth.
When it turns and fluctuates, the plastic creates ripples in the surprising fluid motion.
While Bory does hover over it, this is a strong image.
Sans Objet is a clever work that explores its ideas for a little too long.
Some rhythms may be technical-how fast can robots adapt to new tasks?
This is also a question of tone, a desire for philosophy.
Human performers are men in suits who hide their softness under jackets and ties.
Hanging on the machine, they are strong enough to stretch their bodies in a firm horizontal posture.
Their manners are important. of-
Office staff;
Maybe they have become mechanized.
The London International Mime Festival lasted until January 30. www. mimefest. co. uk)
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