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concept cars steal the show - polycarbonate glazing

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
concept cars steal the show  -  polycarbonate glazing
Concept cars are an integral part of the auto show, and Geneva is no exception.
But what are concept cars and why do we take them seriously, especially when there are dozens of great products --
Ready vehicles to grab our attention?
Some may be quirky and some may be completely weird, but most of the concepts are actually a simple camouflage for producing cars, better helping manufacturers measure responses to new models.
But why should someone care?
In addition to the pure "look at me" factor, the real reason is simply to explore ideas, especially in terms of styling and the use of new materials.
Car stylists use their concepts to suggest the upcoming trend in their products, which in most cases is undoubtedly diluted for production.
Many of the products, such as Porsche Boxster and Ford Ka, were produced only after they were well received.
At this year's Geneva motor show, the Opel GTC concept hinted at the next Vectra to be held later this year.
Stylist confirmation, especially production on the front-
Ready, though in tone-
Down the form, the styling of the Coupe will obviously have to be changed as Vectra is as five-
Four-door hatchback-door saloon.
"We are presenting new design leads for all future Opels (
And Vauxhall in the UK)
"With the GTC concept," said Mark Adams, head of design at GM . ".
"While design is indeed a concept, it is a powerful pointer to all of our models in the future.
"The GTC is driven by 300bhp 2. 8-
6-liter V6 turbo gasoline engine
Speed manual transmission and electronic functionControl Four
Wheel Drive system.
Its resistance coefficient is very low, only 0. 25.
At the same time, BMW has demonstrated its M3 concept, a V8engined high-
The performance coupe will hit the road this summer in the form of little change.
In addition to the new system, it also features lightweight materials such as carbonfibre-
To improve handling, performance and economy, the reinforced plastic roof is designed to reduce the overall weight.
It's a derivative of the new BMW 3.
The coupé series, but only the headlights, the rear light set, the two doors and the trunk cover were transferred from the production version of the car.
Other vehicles shown in almost production
Peugeot Outdoor is a preview version of 207 SW (wagon)
Expired on July.
French rival Renault has shown what it calls the concept of luxury tourism, basically five
Clio Manor Gate (wagon)
Due early next year, by 2. 0-
Develop 200bhp's gasoline engine to provide a spacious start-up area for the booming leisure market.
Modern is also the leader in the development of advanced, lightweight materials.
Its cross-concept (
Mix of Van and SUV)
Known as HED 4, it is produced as a joint venture with GE Plastics.
The use of plastic creates three greater freedom for designers to complex
The size shape that cannot be realized by the traditional production method of steelVehicle body.
"The current composite technology is often considered too expensive and too difficult to manufacture and is not available anywhere except in the aerospace and racing industries.
"Modern CUV is the physical evidence that this situation does not have to be so," a spokesman said . ". The wrap-
Around the GE Lexan windshield, the wide use of GE polycarbonate glass materials provides up to 50% weight savings for the glass, while allowing for a more adventurous shape than the flat glass.
Glass windows feature unique technology from Exatec-
A thin layer of glass protective layer on Lexan adds protection against scratches and wind.
HED 4 also introduced new curved and mobile side glazing in Lexan.
In addition to allowing this advanced application, the resistance and other properties of this material can also help to improve the safety of occupants and pedestrians.
The "elastic front" safety system covering the entire front of the vehicle can be said to be the world's first global pedestrian protection solution for such vehicles. Three energy-
The absorption structure is fully integrated in the future style, using several advanced materials that provide inherent energy absorption properties.
The body panels of the HED 4 are designed to work together with energy
The absorption systems on the lower side of these panels are used to manage and dissipate the force of pedestrian/CUV collisions.
Flexible front "!
It has been designed to meet the pedestrian collision requirements of EEVC WG17 Phase2, Euro NCAP and JNCA and is currently being tested for final verification.
The category of quirky concepts is cleverly filled with Rinspeed eXasis
Through tandemseater.
However, in addition to the novel value, it also represents a serious study of the use of new materials for automobile manufacturing.
Driven by two 7cc
A cylinder booster engine running and producing 50bhp on bioethanol, claiming a maximum speed of 30 mph, 0-Only 4 miles and 60 miles per hour. 8 seconds.
Since the total weight of the vehicle does not exceed 750 kg, the weight/power ratio of the vehicle is the same as that of Porsche.
Frank M. , boss of linsskin
Rinderknecht worked with experts from Bayer materials science to think about it--
One of the largest plastic producers in the world-
To mark the 30 th anniversary of his company: a fully transparent, self-driving glass car made of Makrolon with body and floor.
Again, the creation of this Rinspeed was built by Esoro, a Swiss engineering expert, marking the 40 th anniversary of the establishment of petrochemical giant Bayer, for the first time-
Plastic cars at the German plastics exhibition in 1967.
"The first time I saw everyone in esassi was full of praise for the 'glass' car, but they actually meant the height of our transparency.
"Science and Technology Plastics," said Ian Patterson, a member of Bayer's management committee for scientific innovation in materials.
"Almost all Bayer Materials science business units are involved in the development of concept cars, offering products such as surface coatings and polyurethane (
For molding tools).
But the plastic experts in charge of transparency and transparency are BMS and their Makrolon polycarbonate.
"The exterior Makrolon housing reveals the bare bones of the car, which is usually never seen before, and the aluminum chassis and engine are completely visible.
Rinspeed also convinced some states
All companies and government departments are involved in the project.
The fuel is provided by Alcoa, the profit center of the Swiss alcohol board, although the Swiss federal energy office has chosen esassi to participate in a study on light buildings and ecology.
If it's not wild enough, Franco Scarborough-
A Swiss engineer makes a jaw in Geneva every year ---
Showing the Assystem city car, the diamond pattern of the wheel layout, one in front and one in front.
The concept of Opel GTC suggests the next Vauxhall Vectra sedan.
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