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connecticut guide; whitney 'spectacular' - frosted mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
connecticut guide; whitney \'spectacular\'  -  frosted mylar
Eleanor Charles
1983 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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Vietnam, June, Paik's v-
Yramid, ''The sculpture of 40 TV sets, which attracted widespread attention at the Whitney Museum in New York last year, will hold a new exhibition at the Whitney branch in Stamford on Friday.
More than 15 recent sculptures, paintings and paintings in the Whitney collection, as well as sculptures, paintings and paintings promised as gifts, have been selected as "spectacular" in 1980s to coincide with Whitney's 1983 session in New York
Frank Stella drew a huge relief "Silverstone" on aluminum and fiberglass ";
"1982 degrees Fahrenheit", a painting painted with colored ink on frosted Mera by James Rosenquest;
Self-Portraits of 2668379 and 2670098 by Jonathan Borowski and Steve Kester, Robert Kushner, Richard Shaw, David Sal, Julian Schnabel include Kim MacConnell and Ed Paschke.
Whitney is free from 11. M. to 5 P. M.
Tuesday to Saturday
It is located on the first floor of champion International Building, terres Avenue and Atlantic Street.
The gallery lectures are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at noon.
Advertising Marine STORIESDr.
Michael Praze, author of Black at sea and coordinator of the UN Africa division, will provide a free slide on black explorers, with sailors and fishermen of all ages at 2: 30. M.
Today at the Bridgeport Museum of Art, Science and Industry.
The ad will introduce Ernestina, a tall vessel built as a fishing boat in 1893, in a speech.
Its original captain was Clayton Morrissey, a fisherman depicted in the famous statue of Gloucester at Mass.
The ship was later used for measurements and during World War II it was used to set up a US naval base in Greenland.
Finally, it was purchased by North African ship owner Henrik Mendes, who used it to transport workers to the United States from the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Senegal.
The ship is currently under repair and it will sail here in the spring, stopping at Bridgeport.
Tickets to the museum are $2.
For more information, please call 372-3521.
The new British American Art Museum, in collaboration with the Audubon Society of Connecticut, sponsored the only New England exhibition of the Smithsonian museum wildlife art exhibition at Louis Agassi forte, opened today at Museum 56 Lexington Street. The work of Mr.
Fuertes, who died in 1927, was described by aviator and artist Roger Tory Petersen as "standing in a place where there is no companion, far ahead of John James Audubon ".
During the break, the furters bird has more potential life than the crazy animated Audubon bird.
"When Fuertes worked briefly for Mabel Osgood, founder of the Audubon Society in Connecticut, most of his work was done during his journey around the world.
According to Audubon officials, the cache of his work was recently discovered by Interior Minister James Watt, hiding in the closet of the Interior Ministry.
Secretary Watt handed them over to the Smithsonian Institution, where the Smithsonian Institution filtered them through the National Academy of Sciences, where they were catalogued and sent to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
They were framed and displayed in an exhibition that opened on last November. 1.
The exhibition includes more than 100 stone prints, oil paintings, prints and photos from all over the world, mostly birds, and the exhibition will last until April 2.
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The museum is free from 1 to 5. M.
Tuesday to Sunday
For more details, please call 229-0257.
Nuclear weapons members of Yale faculty will lead a series of seminars on nuclear weapons and democratic processes for five consecutive Saturdays from the 9 th. M. to 12:30 P. M.
Starting this week
Sponsored by the University's Center for International and Regional Studies and the zero-ground New Haven committee, these meetings aim to analyze existing information on nuclear weapons and explore ways in which the public can participate in decision-making on their development and control.
After each lecture, there will be a coffee break and a panel discussion on the issues raised. Robert A.
Sterling political science Professor Dahl will give a speech on the nuclear weapons and democratic process on Saturday.
"Assessment of scientific statements on nuclear weapons and their control" will be the subject of Jack sandvis in February. 19.
He is a professor of physics at Donner.
Greg heken, associate professor of history, will discuss "American nuclear weapons and policies" on February ".
On the 26 th, Paul Bracken, lecturer at the school of organization and management, will deal with "Soviet nuclear weapons and policies" on March 5 ".
The last project in March 12 will be led by history professor Gareth Smith, entitled "arms control in history: what lessons are currently learned and what are the prospects for the future?
"The cost of the series is $10, and the cost of individual courses is $3.
Students and students with limited income can participate in the series for $5 or $1.
50 individual meetings.
Advertising phone 436-
More information 3416O'HARA GET-
The poet, Frank O'Hara, who died in 1966, was painted or painted by a group of artist friends, or was inspired by works of art, including William deckonen, robert Motherwell, Helen frankler, Larry Rivers, Jasper John, Alice Neil, and Fairfield Potter.
In an exhibition at the Stors UConn William Benton Museum of Art, more than 75 such works have been collected and can be seen for free until March 13.
As an aid to the exhibition, the public is invited to attend two exhibitionsday ''get-
O'Hara's friends go together from 1 to 4. M.
At the museum on Friday and Saturday.
There is no schedule, no entrance fee, and no obligation to stay throughout the afternoon.
Snacks will be provided.
The reading of O'Hara's poetry will be interspersed with the music created for O'Hara and the screening of the films he appears in.
A short play he wrote will be staged, and a group of his famous friends will visit the exhibition with visitors and discuss their relationship with O'Hara.
The meeting was attended by Bill burkerson, Norman Bloom, Elaine deckonen, Grace Hartigan, and John Bernard Myers, who is tibor de, New York City
The museum time is 10 hours. M. to 4:30 P. M.
1 to 5 pence a day. M. Sunday.
The Eleanor CharlesA version of this article was printed on page 11011012 of the National edition on February 6, 1983, with the title: The Connecticut guide;
Whitney is 'grand '.
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