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construction folding boats from polypropylene sheet - polypropylene sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
construction folding boats from polypropylene sheet  -  polypropylene sheet
I already have experience in building wooden boats.
Due to its use, I want the boat to be lightweight and it is possible to store under the bed or under the wall of the garage.
Let you pay attention to the process of building a folding boat designed by polypropylene itself.
The ship is light, compact and reliable.
Stability, operability and sufficient.
I was sailing on a ship over 300 km and was very happy with the results!
The weight of the ship in the assembled form is about 40 kg.
The board is 50 cm high and 1 wide.
20 m, 3, 75 m long.
Transport on the roof. Very stability.
3 Motor.
5 horsepower, 4 people on board, 10 kilometers per hour, 1 person, 12 kilometers per hour.
Landed in nine minutes.
When folded, the boat is a flat package of 4*0. 60 * 0. 05 meters.
The paddle and fins sit alone inside.
It takes 4 5mm thick polypropylene to build the ship.
I chose the sheets 4 m long to get the captain 3, 8 m.
First mark the pattern on the paper, and then cut it out with a jigsaw puzzle.
Next, the groove is cut along the edge of the paper using a manual milling machine in order to be able to bend the sides and bottom so that the vessel can be folded.
Milling depth 0.
3mm slot width 5mm.
In addition, the side and bottom are connected by bolts and nuts.
Caulking was used between sheets.
The Assembly of the semi-ship checks for leaks and collects water inside.
Should not leak.
Next, connect the two halves of the ship and check again if there is a leak.
There are three seats on board.
It can be 4 people.
Rear beam mounted on motor.
The seat is attached to the side of the bolt.
Buoyancy foam is installed below the seat.
The floating keel block is inserted under the seat to enhance rigidity.
A general view of the pattern shown on the photo. Good luck!
Now, there are ships with steering and remote control of gas and reverse.
Video File with floor plan and seat bottom.
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