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contractor denies failing to test fire safety features at unit complex where student connie zhang died - polycarbonate roof price

by:Cailong     2019-08-11
contractor denies failing to test fire safety features at unit complex where student connie zhang died  -  polycarbonate roof price
One contractor denied his suggestion that he failed to properly inspect and repair the fire safety facilities at the Sydney unit building at the site of the deadly fire in 2012.
Connie Zhang, a 21-year-old student, jumped or fell from the burning fifth place.
Floor apartments in Bankstown.
She and her friend Jiang were forced to stand on a narrow ledge outside the apartment window, and Jiang MS was seriously injured when she jumped for a lifetime.
An investigation into the death of MS Zhang found that there were serious safety defects in the building.
Narend Prasad, director of Fire Extinguisher Services in New South Wales, said some of his certified work was done by his company, but there were other contractors involved.
The building was released separately by the Bankstown Council and the new state of Fire Rescue to address a range of fire safety issues.
Stephen Rushton SC, the lawyer who assisted the investigation, said there was a big problem with the water pressure on the day of the deadly fire.
Although the fire hydrant system of the building does not have a flow pressure test, the building is certified, which is required every year.
Mr. Prasad said he did not arrange the test because the strata manager of the building told him that a test had only been conducted a few months ago.
The investigation did not provide written documentation to support this.
When asked other questions, Mr Prasad said: "January (2012)
We did the test and everything was fine.
"One of the flaws is the lack of signage for the fire sprinkler booster system.
When asked how to explain the issues that may arise between January and April 2012, Mr Prasad said, "people have been tampering with it ".
"The other possibility is that you have not done so," Mr Rushton said . ".
"No, we did it," Prasad replied . "
The complex was developed and built by silk slide Construction Co. , Ltd.
Ray Finanos, director of the company, said he did not realize that a blinds, polycarbonate roof had been installed in the atrium of the building and needed to be approved by the Council.
This change is considered an important building.
Smoke billowed during the fire, and some occupants were exposed to high temperatures, toxic and poor visibility during escape.
"I don't think it's enough to get approval," finnios said . "
He also denied the deliberate construction of the building under 25 metres to avoid requiring the installation of sprinkler systems and other additional fire safety measures throughout the building.
This saves developers $3. 7 million.
Finnios said local environmental plans for the Bankstown City Council have prevented the building from exceeding 25 metres.
"I will do it if it has to," he said . ".
Prior to the investigation, it was informed that an additional bedroom was added to the apartment without authorization.
The investigation continues.
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