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corporators accuse bmc of bias, block plan to cover drains | mumbai news - times of india - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
corporators accuse bmc of bias, block plan to cover drains | mumbai news - times of india  -  polycarbonate
Mumbai: it is recommended to use polycarbonate sheet (plastic sheets)
On Tuesday, at the meeting of the Standing Committee on citizens, in an effort to cover up the sewers of borifri and daxisal, company personnel made sharp criticisms, forcing BMC to withdraw the plan.
The company claims it seems to be a contractor.
Because the government is "cherry-
Choose the area it wants to cover in NEWLA.
They demanded a unified policy on the sewers of the whole city.
When the government filed Rs 85, the drama began.
Lakh proposed to cover the cosmic nullah of Yadav Nagar nullahs of Borivli, Desai and dahsar, which is 390 long, with complaints that the waste has been dumped in open-air sewers and that polycarbonate plates have been used.
Many companies oppose the proposal to accuse BMC of doing volte. face.
BJP party leader at BMC Manoj Kotak said earlier that when he sought permission to cover Mulund's sewer to contain the spread of the disease, BMC told him that there was no same policy.
"Why is this proposal being put forward now, and who does it benefit?
Kotak, supported by the Samajwadi Party leader of BMC Rais Shaikh, said that during his tenure as the company's boss from Govandi, he had sought approval to build an open-air drain near a civic school, fearing that the children would fall into it, and he was also told that there was no provision to cover the drain.
The NCP party leader of BMC Rakhi Jadhav pointed out that BMC seems to be "cherry-
Select the area it wants to cover the sewer.
After several debates, Idzes Kundan, another municipal commissioner, finally decided to withdraw the proposal.
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