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  -  corrugated plastic
Justin jana Farberov published: May 25, 2013 20: 24 EDT | update: May 26, 2013 02:03 EDT Justin Beckman has been inventing things since he was 2 years old, this month, 18-year-
The old New Jersey boy showed the world his latest work.
Fully functional-man submarine.
A junior high school student from menderham, New Jersey, Beckman built underwater boats with lightweight corrugated plastic used in drainage pipes. The nine-foot-long, 1,300-
A pound-heavy submarine known as the Nautilus can dive 30 feet deep, although the aspiring engineer is not under pressure yet.
Test it in the water.
West Morris menderham high school junior high school took six months and spent nearly $2,000, mainly building his boat with salvaged materials: the motor of the submarine comes from a fishing boat while the plexiglass dome is lit by the sky.
Beckerman also ensures that several safety features are included inside the underwater vessel, including pumps and breathing hoses, which will provide air to people inside the vessel if the Nautius floods.
According to the high school student, when he came up with the idea of building a submarine, his father was initially skeptical, but he finally agreed to the plan and offered to provide part of the funding for the project.
Justin told me about Fox New Jersey and I wanted to see what I could build and find a way to build it.
Someone who knows 18-year-
The old man was not surprised by his recent engineering feat.
Beckerman has been repairing the mechanism since he was a toddler, mainly using ordinary household items such as balloons, ropes, paper trays and a lot of tape, which makes him work with the character MacGyver
A fictional secret agent, known for his creative use of everyday objects.
At the age of 12, Beckman built
Controlled brooms and mops.
In the eighth grade, the genius boy came up with head Entertainment-
According to NJ, the helmet allows users to watch the video at close range. com.
In addition to his scientific achievements, Beckman has been creating art with his talents.
The high school student recently set up an award.
According to Hopatcong Lake News, an award-winning lighting sculpture for a school project uses Blu-ray bulbs recovered from his school's old computer screens and scanners.
Beckerman arranged the crew for his school and was passionate about everything related to the water, he had previously built a remote control
Remote-controlled submarine, he used to be in Lake hopakon.
His newest ship is much more complex equipped with ballast tanks to control the height of the water, air compressors, sonar, paddles, regulators and valves, these are from the old soda machine, the float sensor, four battery systems, one horn, two
LED lighting for radio, PA system, wireless camera and 200 W.
The young inventor, who plans to study engineering in college, hopes that his creations will be overwhelmed once more parts are obtained.
I was not nervous, he told reporters.
"I'm very excited.
Like an airplane pilot, I have a safety checklist.
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