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council spends £17,000 to keep bird mess off their cars - corrugated plastic

by:Cailong     2020-11-19
council spends £17,000 to keep bird mess off their cars  -  corrugated plastic
Today, the head of the council defended a decision to set up a £ 17,000 canopy to protect their cars from bird droppings.
Metal and corrugated plastic structures provide protection for a row of 10 parking spaces behind the City Council municipal building in Liverpool.
Trees full of nesting birds ignore these spaces and certain council officials, including the chief executive, are free to use them.
The public visiting the parliament building is also free to use, and the area is used for regular delivery.
Council executives approved the canopy using the authorization, which meant that they did not have to ask permission from the elected member because the three claimed to have repaired the damaged paint on their vehicle.
MP Joe Anderson, leader of the liberal Democratic opposition
The Dem Council described the decision as "waste ".
But a parliamentary spokesman said the construction followed a "competitive quotation process" that was necessary to protect cars and people.
He said: "The new canopy was built to improve the municipal building and make it a more pleasant environment for tourists and staff.
"The parking lot has been exposed to these elements before, which causes problems as it is used daily for loading and unloading of documents and materials.
"It also means that parking for tourists, especially for disabled tourists, does not meet acceptable standards.
"This work is carried out in the competitive quotation process.
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