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countdown to a solar sail - polyester film inc

by:Cailong     2019-07-06
countdown to a solar sail  -  polyester film inc
Forget about bulky rockets and expensive fuelS. -
The Russian consortium plans to send a spacecraft to the air, not floating in the wind, but floating under the gentle pressure of the sun.
The group hopes that the solar sail can be used to lift or reduce the orbit of the spacecraft, travel between planets, and even take humans to the world around other stars one day.
Supporters of privately funded hope programs
The micro-suborbital test flight prepared for spring will show that tightly packed solar sails can unfold in space like giant kites.
The second more ambitious mission will be completed by October, when the organization will send out a larger version of its desire for a voyage on Earth.
Louis Friedman said: "Google Cloud service breaks the missing connech mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupt Harris," If we fly in this mode for a short time, we will consider ourselves the manager of the universe 1 project.
"The Wright brothers flew for 12 seconds and the flight was successful.
If we could fly for 12 seconds instead of 12 minutes, 12 days or 12 weeks, we would be happy, "sailing ships use solar energy the same way they use wind power.
It consists of a large piece of reflective material and an inflatable beam frame to maintain its extension.
The same is true for the advantage of sailing: there is no need to carry too much fuel and it can be expensive to launch into space.
The small explosion of the propeller adjusts the trajectory of the sail.
When the energy of the Sun reaches the surface of the solar sail, particles, or photons traveling at the speed of light, provide continuous thrust, which can be increased or reduced according to the relationship between the sail and the sun.
A modified ICBM will launch two missions into the air from a Russian nuclear submarine located in the Barents Sea, a relatively cheap option to keep the project's budget at 4 million
The universe studio of science
Entertainment companies run by the widow of the late astronomers Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, sometimes UFO investigator Joe forridge, are paying for the bill.
"We are proud to be part of this historic mission, which is a key step towards the stars," said Drury, a longtime collaborator of Sagan . ".
The ship was built by the Babakin Space Center in Russia, and the Makeev rocket design agency has built a launch vehicle.
The Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences is also a major contractor.
The benefits of the solar sail may be huge: the cosmic studio says that in theory, the solar sail can reach 10 times the speed of NASA's Voyager I and II, who travel at 38,000 miles per hour
Space agencies in the United States and Europe, and at least one private company, all hope that future space missions will rely on this.
Relatively low technologyCost technology.
"If the Planetary Society's mission is successful, it will be very useful for NASA," said Hopi price, technical development manager for solar sail at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Last year, NASA said it wanted to launch a space sail-driven star probe by 2010.
The sail, which spans 440 yards, is twice the diameter of the Super Dome dome in the state of Luis Anna, and will be the largest spacecraft ever built, the agency said. Solar-
The speed of the driven spacecraft will be slow to accelerate, but over time, speed should reach the speed that makes it possible to travel long distances.
"It allows you to travel and come back and go out again because you don't have to refuel," Price said . ".
The launch of April will test the deployment with only two petals-
Blade in the shape of Mylar polyester film.
At the end of the short flight, the sail was about one-
The fifth one as thick as a garbage bag will fall to the ground.
For the orbit flight later this year, a bigger eight
Petal design will be introduced.
The inflatable Truss pulls the sail out of the jar and becomes hard to support the sail.
The petals of each triangle can be turned to manipulate the ship and make it fixed like a sailing boat.
"The goal is to be the first solar sail flight," said Friedman, executive director of the space advocacy group Planetary Society.
With the sun pushing 720 kilometers, the orbiting spacecraft will gradually stay away from the Earth. square-yard sail. The 88-
Pound craft will carry two cameras and several instruments and appear in the night sky as a bright spot like the full moon.
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