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couple die from carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to reverse classic mercedes into plastic bag - protective plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-03
couple die from carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to reverse classic mercedes into plastic bag  -  protective plastic film
A couple died of carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to reverse a classic Mercedes
A survey reported that Mercedes-Benz was put into a protective plastic bag.
In October 22, 2017, 67-year-old auto enthusiast William Reid, with the help of his 70-year-old partner, Catherine Workman, made the move in a garage near their home when he was smothered
The worker entered the bag to help her unconscious partner, but was also affected by the odor-free smoke. The two-
A day of investigation in cork mouth, Cumbria, was told that shemanaged climbed out and called emergency services.
The telephone handler initially told the worker to stay away from the area when she was risking carbon monoxide poisoning.
However, due to confusion about what happened in the garage, the operator then advised her to approach her partner as close as possible and try to treat him.
The worker tried to wake Reid up but did not succeed and quickly stopped responding to the phone.
When the paramedics arrived, they opened the door of the garage as much as possible to try to rescue the workers but were unable to reach Reid.
It was not until the Cambria Fire and Rescue Department arrived that the retired truck driver was removed from the bag.
He was declared dead at the scene. 13pm.
The worker died in the hospital two days later. Post -
The autopsy revealed that Reid died of carbon monoxide poisoning, while the worker died of hypoxia brain damage caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.
Police officer Martin Hodgson of Cumbria Police described the bag as the one you "will definitely try" to tear apart.
Reid bought Mercedes from the US and wanted to store the vehicle in his bag during the winter months to protect it. An investigation conducted by the Ambulance Service found that the operator's decision was "accepted" reasonably ".
Coroner Simon Ward said that the worker's wife told the handler that she would take the initiative to return to the bag to help her partner, adding that "regardless of the instructions of the call handler" or her own safety, she will try to save him.
He said in the investigation: "The worker's wife realized that she might lose consciousness.
My point is that she will still try to help him, thanks to her dedication to their relationship.
"It was concluded that Reid died in the accident while recording the unfortunate judgment for the workers.
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