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cracks on bus for maradona | kolkata news - times of india - transparent polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
cracks on bus for maradona | kolkata news - times of india  -  transparent polycarbonate
Kolkata: new custom
Maradona Sports bought a built-in bus with two football balls crashing into the windshield and breaking it.
It's just that the cracks are real.
The Transport Department fired a cool 19 rupees for the bus and was broken by a cracked windshield.
At around eleven o'clock A. M. on Friday morning, Maradona found cracks almost from start to finish less than 15 hours before landing at Kolkata airport.
The cleaners saw the crack for the first time when testing the air conditioner at the Kidderpore warehouse at Kolkata tram company, and they were shocked and ran to inform their boss.
Soon, the condensation in the air blurred the window.
The air conditioner is in contact with the heat that permeates from the cracks.
Nervous officials
Skelter when they try to figure out how to save the situation.
They tried to bring hidden gaps with transparent glue but ended up making it look very ugly.
As there was not enough time to replace the glass, they decided to take a chance and hope that Maradona or his entourage would not find out.
Then a man with an artistic inclination came up with a good idea: run neon tape from beginning to end with an arc so it looks like part of a football decal, but covers up the cracks.
The crisis is over, but there is considerable confusion about how a brand new bus has developed such a barrier.
Although the transparent polycarbonate sheet is widely used on buses, the windshield is made of tempered glass, which can withstand not only the elements, but also a strange blow or two.
A senior CTC official believes air pressure has caused cracks, but others have denied the theory.
Pradip Kumar opadhyay, general manager of the Counter-Terrorism Committee, denied any cracks and said that marks were left while washing the car.
According to a senior official in the sports department, there is a problem with the way the windshield is set up.
"We were a little sad that there was a crack in the windshield and our plan was slightly damaged, but there was nothing we could do about it," an official said . ".
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