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craft stick projects - transparency film

by:Cailong     2019-07-15
craft stick projects  -  transparency film
Try this great bead frame Projectand-
Bead frame project and create a stylish frame for special pictures using craft sticks, wood beads and glue.
Step 1: to make the sides of the frame, stick the three beads evenly to the top of the normal craft stick.
Let dry and then stick another common stick to the beads.
Repeat with two more regular sticks and three beads; let dry.
Step 2: to make the top and bottom of the frame, repeat the first step using a mini mega craft stick instead of a normal craft stick.
Step 3: Place one of the short parts on the surface of your work and glue one of the long parts at one end to form an L
Make sure the angle is square and the pieces are straight.
Fix the pieces together until the glue is set.
Repeat at the other end with a second long piece.
Leave it on one side to dry and make sure it is not hit or moved when dry.
Step 4: stick the other segment to the top of the long segment; let dry.
Step 5: make the back of the frame, place five micro giant sticks side by side, glue a micro craft stick 1/2 from the top and 1/2 from the bottom; let dry.
Step 6: when all parts are completely dry, run a line of glue along the back of the edge of the bar inside the frame.
Set the frame back (from step 5)
Covering the internal opening; let dry.
Step 7: In order to make the frame a stand, cut 1 1/4 off the end of the two miniature giant rods.
Run a glue above the lower horizontal bar on the back of the solid frame and put the cutting end of these sticks into the glue.
Support the frame on heavy objects and keep it in place until the stand is dry.
Alternatively, to make a hanger for the frame, simply double a ribbon or rope and stick both ends to the back.
Step 8: measure and trim a piece of transparent film or plastic to make a protective cover so that it fits perfectly with the frame opening.
Cut your favorite photos into the right shape, insert them into the photo frame and place the transparent cover on top.
Paint your favorite craft sticks and beads for the colorful variations of this simple frame.
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