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Crafting love one pocket at a time - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
Crafting love one pocket at a time  -  plastic sheet
You remember when you were a child, your parents finally sent you a care package as an adult, and you accidentally forgot if there would be Oreo in the special socks you packed, it doesn't have the same pleasure to get a package from Amazon, does it (Amazon has no intention of offending.
I mean, I'm very happy with your service, but you can see my point, don't you?
The love divide in adulthood, some smart people get together and come up with the idea of happy mail.
Let me tell you that if I receive one of the packages in the mail, I will do a passionate dance of joy that will surely stir up the ridicule of my boy.
Happy Mail starts with a letter, but not a letter like you think.
This is a pocket letter.
People stamp, glue, reliefs, paint, tape on these little cards, usually get all the art crafts and stuff them into a plastic sheet with a photo pocket.
They put a handwritten note in one of the pockets and put the whole thing in a box to send to the recipient, and the box can also contain all kinds of small things they know that will make
Handmade goods, tea, handmade small gifts are very popular.
Great, I know.
So how do you get these wonderful happy emails, it's a collective thing that you can organize a group with your own friends, or you can try to join one of the many groups on Facebook --
Seriously, there are hundreds of people around the world if you search for happy mail or pocket letters.
A San Antonio devotee and administrator of the Facebook group.
"For her, the joy of creating these pocket letters for others is the point it needs --
By default, this means turning off the world around her while she is working.
"This is the most relaxing thing I 've ever had in a long time," she said . ".
Wallner struggles with chronic digestive problems, which helps her get rid of her pain and find a place to be happy when she feels bad.
But with 240 members on her team, the process also means meeting new people --
At least by mail.
"It's about finding new friends and building relationships with creative people.
"I like to see people do good things in this world and be positive," she said . ".
Werner used to be an avid scrapbook, but she said she didn't do it anymore because it wasn't so creative anymore. “I got bored.
I'm not bored with this.
"At the end of last year, she heard about some pocket letters and after some research, she joined the current Facebook group.
She's been hooked since then.
There are no established rules for the content of happy mail or pocket letters, or the frequency of exchanges.
Wallner creates and exchanges a pocket letter about a month.
She works four hours a day and takes about three days.
She likes to put them in a happy mailbox, and if she is making one for someone she doesn't know much about, she must check in and ask the recipient about her favorite color, her interest, upcoming events, etc.
, So that she can better customize the information of the items in her pocket letter and happy mailbox.
For a friend, it is well known that she bought a box of goodies for $30 to $40, and for a new friend it could be $5 to $15.
She often goes to the dollar store and looks for deals with small notepad, stickers, gel pens, Mimi tape and decorative paper and notebooks in Target's dollar spot area.
One of the benefits of joining a group like her is that she and other members like to post retail treasures and discounts they just met to alert other members to money --
Save the location of the transaction and hard driveto-find supplies.
"I like to make people happy, knowing that I will make people happy makes me feel good," said Werner . ".
If we don't share complaints and negativity, but share a little love and optimism, not the reader, will we be happier if you are motivated to be more positive in life this year. Let me know how it is.
The election year is not easy, I know. Smiley face.
Send me your strategy, trick, spell-
Something useful to you
As well as your name and contact information during the day.
You can be in my column.
If you are interested in learning how to make your own pocket letter, check it out.
She is the creator of pocket letters and shares tips, videos and products on her website.
Would you like to receive a happy email from Shannon Werner? She invites all of your DIYers to submit your latest and greatest craft or art project by posting and tagging her on Instagram.
The top three winners selected by Wallner will receive a pocket letter launch package.
Happy to create and post!
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