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creepy spiders filled with apricot jam and chocolate almond croquant - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
creepy spiders filled with apricot jam and chocolate almond croquant  -  polycarbonate
Special equipment: digital or chocolate tempered thermometer, 24-cavity half-
Spherical polycarbonate chocolate mold, 2 scraper, non-stick silicone pad, 1-
Inch round cookie cutter and two disposable pastry bags for apricot sauce: Soak the apricot in a medium pan in a frying pan until softened for about 30 minutes.
Add sugar, vanilla bean seeds, scraped vanilla bean pods and 2 1/2 cups of water to the pan.
Boil with medium heat.
Cook as low as slow and continue to simmer until the apricot is very soft and the mixture is slightly caramelized for 1 hour or more.
Add lemon juice and lemon zest for another 10 minutes.
Remove the pan from the fire and let the mixture cool.
When cooling, take out the vanilla bean pod, place the apricot mixture in the food processor and stir it to a slightly thicker one.
Discharge if there is excess liquid.
Refrigerate the apricot sauce in a covered container until it is ready for use.
For chocolate shells: melt 24 oz of chocolate in a metal bowl and place it on a pot of simmering water with a digital or chocolate tempered thermometer.
Heat to 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
Remove a bowl of chocolate from the heat and add the remaining 8 ounces of chocolate.
Stir until all the chocolate is melted.
The temperature of chocolate should be below 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
If not, let the chocolate continue to cool and stir frequently until it reaches 85 to 86 degrees F.
Place a bowl of chocolate on simmering water again, heat it for a few seconds at a time, stir well until the temperature rises to 87 to 91 degrees F. (
Don't let the temperature of the chocolate exceed 91 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise you have to repeat the process from the beginning. )
Before proceeding, wipe any moisture from the lower side of the bowl.
Pour tempered chocolate into 24-cavity half-
A spherical chocolate mold filled with a cavity.
Tap the mold several times on the table or countertop to release the bubbles in the chocolate.
Flip the mold over to a clean large bowl and let the excess chocolate flow out.
Scrape the water drops with a large thin spatula or blade and reverse the mold again.
Scratch again and make sure to leave a clean edge around each cavity in the mold.
Scrape the remaining chocolate into a bowl.
Re-heat the temperature and keep it between 87 and 91 degrees F.
Place the shell at cool room temperature or place the mold in the refrigerator for no more than 5 minutes to help the chocolate start to solidify.
Keep the remaining tempered chocolate for spider legs.
Chocolate almond crackers: mix almond butter with dark chocolate in a small bowl.
Set aside time to stay warm.
Put a small pan on medium fire for 1 to 2 minutes.
Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of sugar.
Let the sugar melt without stirring.
Tilt the lid if necessary to help the sugar melt evenly.
Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of sugar and let it melt.
The sugar may begin to caramel at this time.
Increase or decrease the heat as needed to control the melting of sugar and prevent it from burning.
Continue to increase the increment of sugar until all sugar is added.
Make sure all the sugar melts (
You can stir gently at this point)
Continue to heat until there is a slight smoke from caramel sugar.
Immediately remove the pan from the fire and add butter.
Stir the mixture until the caramel absorbs most of the butter.
Re-heat the caramel if necessary to keep it liquid.
Heat the almond butter and chocolate mixture again if necessary.
Touch should feel very warm.
Scrape the mixture on a non-stick silicone pad and apply it to a thickness of about 1/4-inch.
2 long stool scraper ready.
Pour the caramel sugar and butter mixture into the top of the almond butter and chocolate mixture.
Use a bench scraper to fold the mixture over and over.
The more you mix, the smoother the texture will be.
As you continue to fold, the mixture will begin to cool down and will absorb any butter or chocolate that is leaking.
Quickly and evenly shape the croquant mixture, cover it with another silicone baking pad and roll croquant to 3/8-inch-thickness.
Remove the mixture from the silicone pad and cut it into a slightly smaller disk than your hollow chocolate shell.
Assembly: Transfer the apricot sauce into a disposable pastry bag and cut a small opening.
Place the jam in the prepared chocolate shell and fill it in about half way.
Push a croquant tray into the mold and make sure to leave a slight top space.
Scoop the remaining tempered chocolate to the top of the mold and fill in the top space of each chocolate shell.
Tap the mold several times on the table to release the bubbles.
Scrape excess chocolate from the top of the mold with a spatula or blade.
Let's place it for at least 2 hours at cool room temperature, or preferably overnight.
Before removing the full chocolate shell, put the mold in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes. Well-
Tempered chocolate shrinks clean when placed and released.
Take it out of the fridge, bend the mold a little and reverse carefully to release the chocolate.
These will be the bodies of your spiders.
Put the spider body on a clean parchment or wax paper.
Transfer some of the remaining tempered chocolate to a small pastry bag and then pipe a small pile of chocolate to each spider.
This will be the head of the spider.
Until these settings are allowed by the company.
Place spider legs on separate parchment or wax paper.
When the legs are fixed, carefully remove them from the parchment paper and attach the legs to the body using the retained tempered chocolate.
This recipe was made by a contestant in a cooking contest.
It has not been tested for home use.
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