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cricut mats - best ideas and tips - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-30
cricut mats - best ideas and tips  -  where to get mylar
Cricket mats are basically made of cricket mats to accommodate some materials that can be cut in cricket with an electronic cutter.
The mats are sticky to them so that the material you cut can be cut perfectly.
There are four different mats, each with its own use.
Blue-light grip pad-
The mat is made of lighter, more refined materials.
It can be considered for light card paper or print paper, vellum, wrapping paper, and even wrinkle paper.
The mat releases the material easily.
If you find the paper on the mat moving when cutting, it's time to go to the green mat.
This mat makes it easier to remove more refined paper.
Green standard weight pad-
This is your first choice for most of your projects.
It is very easy to master and release.
For card paper, embossed paper, vinyl and iron-on vinyl.
If you are going to cut the felt, use your old green mat.
Felt will destroy the mat soon.
Purple grip pad-
This mat is made of heavier material that other mats may not be able to accommodate.
More like leather, flashcards and cardboard.
It can also be used to use stable fabric of fabric blades on Cricut manufacturers.
It doesn't match its name and should be ready before using it.
Grip Pad in pink fabric-
This is the latest mat made by Cricut.
It is designed to easily fix and release the fabric.
If you use the manufacturer's fabric to rotate the blade, the unstable fabric is perfect.
Using the right mat in the right project will make the world different.
There are two basic sizes for cricket mats.
The standard pad is 12 by 12 inch.
The larger mat is 12 by 24 inch.
The larger mats will be used to make large signs, large wall decals and larger T-shirts.
The mat is purchased separately, or it can be packed with different mats.
When you get a new pad, there is a trick that will save you a lot of frustration.
This trick is to add the new mat before you use it for the first time.
All you do is put the mat on the shirt that you have only worn a few times.
You just did it a few times the first time you used it.
It sounds a bit crazy because it's always stressful to have a clean mat.
However, when the mat comes out of the package, if you don't optimize it a little, there are a lot of problems with removing the material used for the first time.
How to use and take care of your cricketers. The cricketer bit me and I have been a fan for years.
Many people bought a cutting machine and put it on the shelf.
More importantly, they don't get the full benefit of cricketers because they don't know how to use everything that cricketers offer.
One of the most important parts of the device is the cutting pad.
The best use of your mat will save you a lot of time and money.
Here's how to make the most of each mat!
Remember to remove all materials from the mat immediately after using the mat. There are many different ways and tricks to add life to your cricket mat.
The idea is to make the most of your investment and here's how to get the best cut and project by using these tips: Make sure you apply paper or other materials correctly.
To protect paper safety
Press all edges and corners to prevent the blade from going through the mat, make sure to cut the material you use using the correct settings, and rotate the mat for even use.
First of all, the edge of alternating loading always strips the mat from the material, not from the mat.
Doing so helps to prevent material curling.
Cricket cutting pads TipsBuy 12x12 larger mats, cut them in half and give me two 6x12 mats.
There are two 12x12 in one package, but they are only $4 more than two 6x12, but you end up getting $4 once they are cut!
Don't put lighter weight paper on the new pad.
I only used it in the first few cuts to increase the card inventory.
Then, when it's not so sticky, I start using it if it's lighter paper.
The Cricut mat can be loaded from both ends.
The loading pad aligns the left side with the flat edge of the sleeve to allow the pad to load directly.
Roll brayer a few times on your paper and mat to help it stick together better.
You don't have to clean it often.
When you start using the mat, write down the back of the mat so you know which one to throw away first.
When cutting 3x3 sheets or less of paper, use an updated or more tacky mat.
No longer sticky.
Don't throw it away when it's no longer sticky.
Just use a small piece of masking tape and tape along the corner of the paper of any size you are using. (
If it is 12 inch, I will also put a small piece along the long side to keep it tight. )
I have used the same mat since Thanksgiving, and while I have a new one, I don't think it is necessary to open it.
Remove all negative material from around the cut before removing the cut item.
Then lift the cut item from the mat with a cricket spatula.
Always remove the material from the mat using upward movement instead of putting it back to the top to prevent curling.
Before removing your item from the mat, bend the mat a little.
Taking the material out of the corner and trying to lift it can cause a lot of tearing.
Cricut tools and kits-
Dos and DontsThe tools, you need your cricket to be relatively small.
But with them, your life will be easier.
Each of these tools makes your cricket experience complete and well worth the price!
I reward my cricket tools and will not have them without them.
They are kept in cups on my machine. A spatula is used to remove material from your mat.
It is very useful for removing delicate cuts.
If you use it instead of your fingers, you get fewer tears.
Tweezers are perfect for removing those tiny pieces of paper or vinyl.
Weeer is a must if you are going to cut vinyl.
This is a must-have for removing all negative materials around and inside the cut.
The plastic ruler can be used to scrap the mat to clean it, a simple tool in any case. Ripped Mat?
I know this happens to me and sometimes the mat is torn.
Well, you can extend the life of the mat by using heavy packaging glue on the back of the mat.
Mat cleaning ideas for other Cricut users-
As you can see online, baby wipes seem very popular and are the cleaning tools I use most often.
I put a container in my craft room.
Baby wipes using store brand.
But don't use alcohol wipes!
They will dry your mat!
The basic cleaning is to dry them with warm water.
Mild soap can be added-
But this requires a little stickiness.
Another suggestion would be to soak the mat in the Dawn soap for 24 hours, then scrape off what is on the mat with a scraper, dry it, and then reposition the tape runner on the mat. Wait 10 mins. Worth a try.
Many craftsmen use a product called "Goof Off.
Many of them swear that the itA lint roller is another tool that I am ready to use to remove those paper materials from the mat right away.
The longer you put them on the mat, the harder it will be to remove them.
Tips and special care for fabric MatTo in order to make your pink fabric mat wear the most, you have to deal with it in a completely different way.
Do not follow any cleaning or re-cleaning
The paste program you made for other mats.
It has a completely different adhesive.
You may see the thread on it, but it doesn't matter, the material will still stick to it, and the rotating blade will still go through it.
If it drives you crazy to see the rest of the line, you can try the sticky tape.
But be cautious.
Before using the mat, the fabric mat will shrink your fabric to the right size.
You need to cut the fabric to suit the sticky area.
If it extends beyond that, it may get stuck with the roller.
This will cause the blockage of your machine.
If you see that the fabric is out of the sticky part of the mat.
Trim using a rotary cutter.
Iron your fabric to remove any wrinkles before placing it on the mat.
Wrinkles can lead to inaccurate cutting.
The printed side should be placed on the mat.
If there is no defined print face, place the dimensions to be displayed on the mat.
Gently place the fabric on the mat and then smooth the fabric with your hands.
If the fabric looks sticky, use a brayer or kitchen rolling needle to smooth the fabric on the mat.
After the cut is completed, remove the excess fabric first.
Avoid touching the sticky part of the mat as the oil on your fingers can cause you to lose some of the mat adhesive.
Remove the cut part using wide tip tweezers.
How to update your Matty discover this technology is the best technology to clean and update your horse
The wide side painters wet your magic eraser and wash your mat.
Wipe the mat with one side of the eraser and the other.
Make sure to get all the paper out.
Use baby wipe if you need more cleaning.
Let the mat dry and completely cover the edge of the mat with painter tape.
This will prevent any glue from using the wide edges of the Zig, two-way pen, and completely covering the mat with glue.
You can see the blue glue cover so you can see where the glue is.
Once the glue is completely dry, you have a cushion like newI, it also reads a bit about people remarking their matsHow with Elmer's relocate glue to store your mat and, of course, storing them correctly must be in your to-do list.
One way to do this is to use felt lined hangers to store them.
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