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dangerous business: libya, uae, indonesia and more sell wares at military tech event - clear polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
dangerous business: libya, uae, indonesia and more sell wares at military tech event  -  clear polycarbonate
Military supply companies from Russia, China, the UAE, Indonesia, South Korea and Libya showed 2012 euros in tanks, missiles and other weapons in Paris, the largest international military technology exhibition focusing on land war.
More than 1,400 exhibitors from 53 countries participated in the event, attracting 55,000 spectators, including 158 companies in the United States.
But a surprising trend is obvious: this year, from
Western countries showing new weapons are booming-
Russia and China in particular.
Europe 2012 exhibition is a gathering place for land and air defense. 1,400 exhibitors display goods from 53 countries.
Western countries have signaled a fight for a military dollar. In fact, at the European 2012 exhibition in June 10-15, three new countries are on display: there are companies in Pakistan, Cyprus and Libya, and the booths are on display
There are thirty.
Four national pavilions in Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates have shown the national pavilion for the first time, and more than 120 official delegations are reportedly exploring the exhibition for new military equipment.
I asked Mark Phillips, marine director of the Royal Institute of Joint Services, a national defense think tank (RUSI)
What does this trend Herald.
"The Western armed forces, especially the army, are generally facing significant reductions in their capabilities," he told me . ".
In other words, these small countries with weak economies saw signs of the dollar ---
Who cares about denomination.
"Therefore, expanding participation between Russia and China is a challenging side-by-side relationship: these countries. . .
"We are increasingly producing high-specification equipment," he said . "
He is right: these cuts mean that Western forces are forced to act differently.
"This is clearly an opportunity for these countries to target.
This is why the number of exhibitors in India, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia has increased significantly ---
But what is really big is Russia and China, which for the first time display equipment outside their home country.
China: North China Industrial Corporation, top supplier of the People's Liberation Army(NORINCO)
A major missile system was announced.
Tianlong is SAM (surface-to-air missile)
It can attack targets 31 miles and 12 miles high.
The company says at least 80% of the chances of a shooting at the Dragon will shoot down a fighter.
It is reported that near completion, it can provide target guidance for 12 missiles at the same time, and the radar can detect about 140 targets in the maximum range of 80 miles.
China: Blue Arrow 7 NORINCO has also launched a new type of air-to-earth missile called Blue Arrow 7.
This is the export version of China's Z-missile.
10 attack helicopter similar to AGM-114 Hellfire.
The company said the missiles had a range of 1. 2 and 5 miles. CHINA: Anti-
China Zhejiang Yingfu company specializes in anti-violent clothing
Riot suits and military knee pads.
The company revealed a new "riot and riot suit" at the show ".
The company said it was designed to prevent a dagger, such as trying to stab it into the chest, and said it could also prevent "a steel ball of 7 years old ". 5 kilograms [16. 5 pounds].
"China:" Great Wall "also shows a new transparent polycarbonate that can be connected to riot shields, including a club clip and an integrated handle.
The shield is designed to be a "continuous wall" that can be connected to build the shield ".
Russia: MRAPRussia shows its MRAP (mine-
Resistance Ambushprotected)
Vehicles in the outdoor land parking lot of the European laboratory--
This is the first trip outside Russia.
Ural automobile manufacturing plant, Ural-
The ZA is powered by a 450-horsepower diesel engine and can run at 65 miles per hour.
It can carry 14 fighters, including drivers and commanders, weighing about 24 tons.
Russia: Russian gun maker Izhmash revealed Saiga-
12 shotgun for law enforcement, its shortened barrel and Picatinny track for the aiming device.
A semi-automatic shotgun can be used either with ordinary ammunition or with "stop-
Powerful ammunition such as lead bombs and rubber bullets. Russia: "Hunter
The special equipment department of Killer vagonzavod brings information about its tank kit. The 49-
T-ton main battle tank-
Ms. 90 carries three men with "hunters"
The panoramic visual killer mode of target participation.
It has the latest 125mm smooth bore gun with automatic loader, a 12 mounted on the roof. 7 mm remote-
Control weapon systems and lasers
The range of the projectile is 3. 1 miles.
Russian tank "Terminator"
Support combat vehicles BPT Terminator--
This is one of the most armed countries in this category. -
It was also the first time disclosed.
Ten of them were sold to Kazakhstan in 2011.
Ataka anti has four transmitters
Tank missile, one 7.
62 machine guns, 30-mm AGS-
17 automatic grenade launchers on both sides of the hull and two-
Two 30mm 2A4w twin turretsfee cannons.
Russia: Orsis Sniper RifleMilitary, police and special forces began to move to the Promtechnologies Group Orsis T-
00 sniper rifle on September 5 last year
338 Lapa Magnan and.
308 Winchester, the preferred rifle for the FSB Alpha Group-
The team that won the Sniper World Cup earlier this month. U. S.
There were 158 companies participating, and the company showed their military strength.
At a time when U. S.
New presence in Russia, China and other non-Russian countries
Of course, Western countries have made it clear that they have "gone big and gone home" in different directions ".
Ballet dancer and defense expert Alison Barry travels the world, covering military, terrorism, weapons progress and life on the front line.
You can contact her on wargames @ foxnews.
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