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datasonic set to secure new government job - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
datasonic set to secure new government job  -  polycarbonate material
DATASONIC Group Bhd, which is mainly a smart card vendor, said a source was about to get another government contract as it was waiting to nod its consent to continue the plan to distribute gasoline subsidies under MyKad.
According to the plan, each MyKad holder will receive a certain subsidy gasoline quota per month.
MyKad is used to ensure that subsidies are targeted at Malaysians and to prevent foreigners from benefiting from cheap fuel.
It is believed that the value of the contract is between RM250mil and RM300mil, and under the scheme, Datasonic will have shares in a special-purpose vehicle overseeing the scheme, with the government holding the majority of the shares
Since its launch in September 2012, Datasonic stock has arguably been one of the best performing stocks in Bursa Malaysia, growing to ten times as well known
Because it was on the list.
The main factor driving its growth is the stable contract flow it manages to obtain, and the most recent contract flow is rm292.
Received 2mil contract from the Ministry of Interior in April.
In its April announcement, Datasonic said that from January 1-6 to 30, it will provide 4 million new raw materials MyKad to the state registry, which contains 100% polycarbonate materials and new
In addition, from July 1-20 to June 30, the company will provide NRD with 10 million MyKad with the same function for two years at a price of RM220. 2mil.
As the company's market value reached 2 yuan, the company's share price rose sharply.
As of yesterday, 26 th.
However, the company's share price performance also attracted the attention of Malaysia's Bursa, which sent an abnormal market activity inquiry to the company on February.
However, the upward trajectory of the Datasonic stock price hit a small problem after hitting a high of 4 yuan last month.
In April 1, 85, plummeted to the lowest rm2. 85 on April 16.
It was suggested that a warrants issued by an investment bank led to a slump, and the company issued a statement before the stock price correction, saying it had nothing to do with the warrants.
However, the fainting did not last long as the company's share price subsequently rose and closed in 3 yuan. 35 yesterday.
At this price, the stock is traded at the expected priceto-earnings (PE)ratio of 23. 93 times.
PE is now 27. 61 times.
It is reported that the company is one of the companies that intends to acquire Percetakan Nasional Bhd in Malaysia.
Due to the improvement of new contracts and existing businesses, Datasonic's recent revenue surge.
In the fourth quarter of last year, revenue from Datasonic jumped sharply to 22 yuan. 81mil from RM3.
A year ago, the company earned 76 yuan. 55 mil of Rm41.
96 mil in the same period in 2012.
In fiscal 2013, revenue rose 191% to $1. 89mil of Rm28.
12 The annual income increased by 45. 8% to RM260.
7 mil of Rm178. 73mil.
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