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daughter under pressure at work when mother died, court of appeal told - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
daughter under pressure at work when mother died, court of appeal told  -  plastic sheet
A woman who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for starving her elderly mother to death said she was under great pressure to work at the time.
Cindy Melissa Taylor, 44, appealed her decision today in the court of appeal, for failing to give her mother 76-year-
The necessary care for old Aina Lai Dung to keep her alive. Her co-
Luana Roberta Taylor, 57, and Brian Frank Taylor, 63, also appealed their verdict.
When the dung died, they lived in the same house.
Cindy Taylor's lawyer, Richard Keem, told the court that Cindy had been overwhelmed by work when her mother died.
"Ms. Taylor was working long hours at the time.
She had to travel long distances.
"When her mother is getting worse, she is not a person who just sits at home doing nothing.
"Because of her high commitment to work, she is under great pressure.
Keam thinks 12-
The annual sentence should be reduced to eight to nine years.
"Sentencing judges refer to this neglect as" delay ", but delay is one of the words that may mean something completely different in a completely different context.
"In the case of someone who has deteriorated due to neglect . . . . . . In fact, the time for serious deterioration is between 10 and 15 days.
"Contrary to what an extension might mean for a few months.
Counsel for Luana and Brian Taylor also argued that their sentences of six, three and six years were excessive.
Crown lawyer Karen Grau said the verdict was reasonable because neglect was so extreme.
She said that the defense of Cindy Taylor's overwork must be in contrast to the fact that her life works in all other ways, including taking care of herself, working and keeping the common house clean.
"There doesn't seem to be any difficulty with Cindy Taylor taking care of her mother.
"She just didn't.
She did other things. "This woman [Ena Dung]
She has a healthy mind and no dementia, otherwise she will be healthy.
"To lie 10-
In my submission, her situation is 15 days and can only be described as a long-lasting pain.
"Gurau said that Ruana and Brian Taylor had certainly deliberately closed their eyes on the situation because it was a small house and the smell of Ana Dung was very bad.
The judges of the Court of Appeal retained their decision.
On January 16, 2015, the emergency services department found the body of Ina Lai Yong at a home in southern Auckland.
She was found lying on a bed on a tarp, lying in her own feces, naked from below the waist, surrounded by flies.
She weighed only 29 kg when she died.
At the trial of 2016, a caregiver who found Dung said she looked like a "Scarecrow ".
Dung had 14 broken ribs and ribs but did not seek medical assistance.
She was left on a plastic sheet in her urine and feces, causing her to suffer a chemical burn with no pain relief.
She had several bedaches, one of which had penetrated into the bones and the other had broken.
When she diedyear-
During the summer rush hour, the old man had left without water for four or five days and had no food for up to 15 days.
In the New Zealand legal system, failure to protect vulnerable adults is a relatively new charge, and Dung's case is considered to be the first to bring a lawsuit to our court.
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