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debunking myths about plastics - polyethylene terephthalate properties

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
debunking myths about plastics  -  polyethylene terephthalate properties
After the state government decided to ban plastics, the University of Mumbai's Institute of Chemical Technology in Matonga organized a knowledge-sharing meeting on Wednesday to expose myths about the use of plastics and discuss environmental issues --
Friendly solution to the problem.
Vijay Habbu, a part-time professor at the Institute, said, "the intuitive knowledge of plastics is not deeply rooted.
You can't compare them to the metal, which has been around for a long time.
They are relatively new materials.
So there are a lot of myths around their use, which is why we need to educate people. ”Mr.
"The plastic itself is not the cause of the damage," Habbu said.
Citizens like us are irresponsible and do not recycle properly.
He said the plastic processing sector in India produces 30,000 units a year, providing jobs for 11 Lach people. Mr.
Habb cited a monograph published by the World Health Organization in April 2015 on food safety, revealing some common myths.
He said pet (PET)
It is widely used in packaged foods and beverages and does not contain endocrine or estrogen disruptors.
"It's a myth to contain heavy metals," he said.
Their existence is the opposite.
Because it is smog in the product, so the production efficiency is very high. ”R. N.
Jia gethapp, professor of paint technology and head of the Department of Polymer and Surface Engineering, said, "polyethylene is chemically inert and will not degrade after use and has remained in the environment for more than 100 years.
This leads to pollution. ” Mr.
"The city produces 7,000 tons of garbage, but there are only two kinds of garbage," said jagtagap.
It takes 60 days for a batch of biodegradable. ”Mr.
The catalyst can also be made to degrade the polymer, Japtap said.
Heavy metals may eventually pollute land and water during degradation, he said.
He said, "in order to provide solutions, we have been working to create a catalyst for the past seven years.
This catalyst maintains more water and improves soil conditions even after degradation.
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