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debunking plastic packaging myths - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
debunking plastic packaging myths  -  polyethylene terephthalate
Avery Denison is a recognized leader in sustainable change.
Last year, it was listed on the founding list of Barron's 100 most sustainable companies, recognizing the work done to improve the company's environmental footprint to put it at the forefront of sustainable development.
The company has made great progress in improving all aspects of the environmental impact.
But Avery Denison recognizes that being a multi-billion-dollar material science company is not just its own direct influence.
Dollar packaging solutions business-it can have a huge impact on how brands and consumers affect the environment by using packaging, especially plastic.
Avery Denison has taken steps to limit the number of materials sent to the landfill-half of the site is now 100 pc zero-to-
As a company, it's 91 pc zero-to-landfill.
Its production process has become cleaner and greener;
It is committed to reducing absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 3 pc-on-year.
It also works to develop products that change the way people recycle. The award-
The successful clean sheet product portfolio is based on innovative adhesive technology to ensure a clean separation of labels and packaging.
When recycling, labels are separated from packaging and clean PET (
The flakes sink to the bottom of the recovery pool for recycling.
This ensures a healthy ecosystem of recyclable materials.
Meanwhile, Avery Denison works on the radio
Frequency recognition (RFID)
Allows improved inventory management to help reduce food waste by allowing producers to determine where food can be destroyed in the supply chain.
Actively tracking your goods is an effective way to reduce waste.
Leading this change is the R & D head of President George grevanis and Dr. Pascal Waterley.
In addition to having decades of business experience, both are qualified polymer chemists with extensive experience in plastics and sustainability, leading the innovation of Avery Denison in improving the environmental footprint.
The Avery Dennison cleaning sheet product portfolio makes it easier to recycle your PET bottles.
Learn more at averydennison.
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