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delight in detail - polyester film uses

by:Cailong     2019-06-30
delight in detail  -  polyester film uses
Tara Donovan's hypnosis works in six rooms throughout the Academy of Contemporary Art, and its hypnosis thoughts are the same as the way the virus infects the uniform body.
It makes no sense to fight against the original effect.
Most of these works are so direct and beautiful and so correct that you have no choice but to submit.
However, like the immune system, the brain bounces back --
Maybe even when the new spring comes.
Donovan's show came to Boston exclusively after learning that she was awarded the MacArthur Foundation Scholarship "genius grant.
"It includes machine paper rolls stacked on the floor, foam plastic cups hanging from the ceiling, and plastic straws that cover enough walls.
As a proposition about beauty, it is completely impossible.
But this is a proposition and one of the most exciting ones I have ever encountered.
For example, they are folded into clusters on the floor by the beautiful Merah, so they are like a kind of floor --
Semi-spherical marine life embrace
Shiny velvet, soft and shiny
Not what most of us would have expected.
Nor will many of us expect a transparent wall full of polyester film --
It folds, twists and slides like melted sugar or caramelcolored hair -
Be one of the most beautiful things you will see in a year.
It is this unforeseen factor that explains the joy of Donovan's work tips.
But behind the joy, there is uneasiness lurking.
For Donovan, he deliberately liked the materials that most of us would not like to consider: plastic cups, straws, buttons, toothpicks, foam and clear tape.
We don't want to think about them, because when we think about them, we find that they are not beautiful.
In fact, when the Greek philosopher protino defines ugliness as making the soul "shrink within itself, deny things, stay away from things, resent and alienate things", "I bet, this is the humble plastic beverage cup in his mind.
Plastic cups and foam plastics used by Donovan and most other materials represent cheap, wasteful, uncontrolled consumption, garbage.
Especially in what Donovan does, abundance is at the heart: a job here uses more than 1 million 7-
An ounce plastic cup.
But Mr protino also pointed out that we did not "habitually check or question ordinary things in any way ".
"If we are familiar with them and someone explains their abilities, we will be surprised by these ordinary things," he suggested . ".
"Donovan did not explain the power of the plastic button.
But she shows the property that many of us have never imagined.
The best piece here is called "bluff" and is a structure made of a button that is connected by glue.
It rises from the floor like the crystalline landscape of Chinese mountains, stalagoes or underwater caves.
As a large structure made of small things, it is very impressive.
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