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delux-ful roof extensions - polycarbonate sheet online

by:Cailong     2019-07-02
delux-ful roof extensions  -  polycarbonate sheet online
Not only does DeLUX Polyroof offer practical roof solutions, it also enhances your home facade.
For convenience and even safety reasons, the weather in Malaysia is why many homeowners tend to extend the exterior of their house-whether it's a porch, side, backyard, garden or balcony area.
Safe glass roof: Looking for a simple roof extension in the foreground?
A safe glass roof may be your ideal choice.
It is made of laminated glass, durable, high performance, multi-function, while retaining the original beauty of your home.
It provides a perfect shade to prevent harmful UV rays while reducing the amount of heat entering the living area.
It is also quite soundproof, providing natural lighting for your porch, garden and even backyard area.
In addition, the new PolyroofX25 is another latest roof system for Polyroof, which offers quality and beautifully designed options for a wide range of different materials, such as aluminum and metal. It is a high-
Engineering pc sheet made of Bayer 100% raw material with excellent performance.
The main feature of the 25mm pc is its high
It is suitable for hot weather in Malaysia.
It can also reduce rain noise better.
With multiple roofs, you can easily and quickly increase the coverage of the House to expand the area of the front porch, backyard and even garden.
DeLUX Polyroof has a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from to meet the needs of different types of homes.
■ Telephone number 03-8066 8804 / 03-
8075 6680 or visit www. mydelux. com. my.
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