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devastation and death in philippines after typhoon haiyan - clear roofing sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
devastation and death in philippines after typhoon haiyan  -  clear roofing sheets
TACLOBAN, Philippines-
Bodies hanging on trees are scattered on sidewalks or buried in buildings that are razed to the ground. -
Thousands believe that in a city in the Philippines alone, thousands were killed by the fierce typhoon Haiyan, which washed houses and buildings with strong winds and waves.
On Sunday, as the scale of damage became clear from one of the worst storms ever, officials said emergency rescue workers could find more when they reached parts of the islands cut off by floods and landslides
As the government began rescue efforts and international aid operations, desperate residents raided grocery stores and gas stations to find food, fuel and water.
Even in a country often plagued by earthquakes, volcanoes and tropical storms, Typhoon Haiyan seems to be the deadliest natural disaster on record.
On Friday, Haiyan attacked the eastern coast of the Philippines and quickly crossed its central island with a wind speed of 235 kilometers (147 mph)
275 (170 mph)
And the 6-meter storm (20 feet).
The wind weakened to 120 (74 mph)
According to the Hong Kong meteorological observatory, the typhoon landed in northern Vietnam early Monday after crossing the South China Sea.
Thousands of people were evacuated by the authorities.
The worst hit in the Philippines was the island of Leyte, and local police chief Elmer Soria said the governor of the province told him that about 10,000 people died, mainly drowning and
Most people are in Tacloban, the provincial capital with a population of 200,000, the largest city on the island.
Reports also show deaths elsewhere on the island.
How to help with the recovery of Samar island, Leo daaynos of the provincial disaster office said 300 people were confirmed dead in a town, another 2,000 were missing and rescuers had not yet reached some towns.
He begged for food and water, adding that electricity was running out and there was no cell phone signal and only the radio could communicate.
Reports from other affected islands show dozens more deaths and even hundreds more.
As communications in many areas remain interrupted, it is not clear how the authorities estimate the death toll, which will be known for the full extent of the storm a few days ago.
The Philippines said that on the way to the airport, we saw many bodies on the street.
Australia-born Mila Ward, 53, is waiting at Tacloban airport to return to Manila on a military plane of about 580 kilometers. 360 miles)
Northwest direction.
They were covered with something. -
TARP, roof top, cardboard.
She said she passed more than 100 bodies.
In part of Tacloban, a ship was pushed ashore and sat in the damaged house.
Haiyan has caused serious damage to at least six of the more than 7,000 islands in the archipelago, and Wright, Samar and northern Cebu seem to bear the brunt.
The national disaster agency says about 4 million people are affected by the storm.
Video of Guiuan township, Eastern Sama province--
The first area of typhoon landing--
A string of traces of destruction was shown.
Many houses were razed to the ground, with debris and torn trees scattered on the road. The ABS-
The video shows several bodies covered with blankets on the street.
I don't have a house or clothes even for me.
"I don't know how I'm going to start my life again, I'm confused," cried an unidentified woman . ".
I don't know what happened to us.
We ask for help.
No matter who has a kind heart, I appeal to you-
Please help.
The National Red Cross of the Philippines says their efforts have been hampered by marauders, some of whom have attacked food trucks and other relief supplies shipped from the southern port of Davao to Tacloban.
Two of the largest shopping malls and grocery stores in Tacloban were robbed and police guarded a fuel depot.
About 200 police officers were sent to Tacloban in order to restore law and order.
Philippine President Benigno Aquino III reportedly said he was considering declaring Tacloban in a state of emergency or martial law.
Emergency conditions typically include curfews, price and food supply controls, military or police checkpoints, and increased security patrols.
Although the government had evacuated nearly 800,000 people before the typhoon, mass casualties still occurred.
Aquino flew by helicopter at Wright on Sunday and landed in Tacloban.
He said that the government's priority is to restore electricity and communications in remote areas and provide relief and medical assistance.
The Philippine government also received foreign help in dealing with such a serious disaster.
In a statement, President Obama said he and his wife Michelle were deeply saddened by the death and destruction caused by the typhoon. He said the U. S.
Substantial humanitarian assistance is being provided and ready to assist in relief and recovery efforts. U. S.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel directed the Pacific Command to deploy ships and aircraft to support the searchand-
Rescue operations and emergency supplies. U. N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-
According to a statement issued by Moon Jae-in's office, Moon Jae-in is extremely concerned about widespread destruction and a sharp rise in the number of deaths. Ban said the U. N.
The statement added that while many communities remain inaccessible, their humanitarian partners have quickly stepped up key rescue operations.
Pope Francis led tens of thousands of people to pray for the victims in the Vatican.
The Philippines is the country with the largest number of Catholics in Asia, and the Philippines is one of the largest immigrant communities in Rome.
Every year, the Philippines is hit by tropical storms and typhoons known elsewhere as hurricanes and cyclones.
Located in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean, the country is on the world's number one road.
Typhoon generators, according to meteorologists.
The exposed eastern coastal areas of the islands often bear the brunt.
However, even by Philippine standards, Haiyan is a huge disaster that has shocked poor and densely populated countries of 96 million people.
Its wind is the strongest ever, and it seems to have killed more people than Thelma, the deadliest Philippine storm before, with about 5,100 deaths in central Philippines in 1991.
The deadliest disaster in the country's history is 1976. 7.
An earthquake in the southern Philippines has triggered a tsunami that killed 5,791 people.
Defense Minister Voltaire gaazmin said he could not speak when Aquino told him about the destruction of Tacloban.
'I told him all the systems were down,' he said.
No electricity, no water, nothing.
People are desperate.
They're robbing.
Tacloban in the East
Central Philippines, near Red Beach in Leyte Island. S. Gen.
Douglas MacArthur waded ashore in 1944 during World War II, fulfilling his famous promise: I will return.
This is the first city that the United States has liberated from Japan. S.
The Philippine army has served as the interim capital of the Philippines for several months.
It is also home to former first lady Imelda Marcos of the Philippines, whose nephew, Alfred romuadi, is the mayor of the city.
A resident of Tacloban said he and others took refuge in a Jeep, but the car was picked up by a raging wall of water.
44-said water is as high as coconut treesyear-
Old Sandy Torotoro is a bike taxi driver who lives near the airport with his wifeyear-old daughter.
I got up and down from the Jeep, washed away by the rambling water, and the wood, the trees, and our house were torn off from the moored.
When we were swept by the water, many people were floating, raising their hands and shouting for help.
But what can we do?
'We also need help, 'said Torotoro.
In the village of toroto, as it is now, the bodies are scattered on the muddy main roads --
Homeless residents crowded with a handful of property they managed to save.
The road is lined with fallen trees.
UNICEF estimates 1.
According to Tomoo Hozumi, the agency's representative in the Philippines, 7 million children live in areas affected by the typhoon.
UNICEF's supply division in Copenhagen is carrying 60 metric tons of relief supplies and is expected to arrive in the Philippines for emergency air transport on Tuesday.
Damage is. . .
The minister of the Interior said on March, Roxas, that I do not have the word.
It's terrible.
This is a great human tragedy.
In Vietnam, about 600,000 residents living in the central region were evacuated to their homes on Sunday after the weakened Haiyan changed direction and targeted the northern part of the country.
Vietnam's national flood and storm control department said on Sunday that four people in three provinces in central Vietnam died while trying to reinforce their homes. ------
Associated Press writers Oliver Tevez and Teresa serogano contributed to the report in Manila, Minh Tran in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Kirsten Grieshaber in Berlin.
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