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dhapa with plastic sheets: stinking dhapa dump to turn tourist destination by 2020 | kolkata news - times of india - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
dhapa with plastic sheets:  stinking dhapa dump to turn tourist destination by 2020 | kolkata news - times of india  -  plastic sheet
Kolkata: in India's largest garbage dump science shutdown program, engineers are carrying out a large-scale operation that will start with 11-storey-
Dhapa's high garbage dump, covered with plastic sheets, and then covered 18 football fields with enough soil. A Rs 60-
Crore phytocapping is currently in progress at The Dhapa dump, which began operations in 1987 and continues to operate until 22 years of collection of nearly 3 crore tons from approximately 30 lakh homes and offices
Two other junkyards "Swabhumi" and "PC Chandra Garden" that were previously unscientifically closed remain an environmental hazard, releasing toxic chemicals into the soil in the form of leachate, especially in the harsh weather conditions of summer and Monsoon.
When the site was closed earlier, we did not have the people, knowledge and funding to scientifically manage the garbage.
Even in Dhapa, dumping is unscientific and there is no separation of waste to remove harmful metals and materials or recyclable items.
This makes scientific capping of waste more important to prevent leachate
Kalyan Rudra said that soluble or suspended solids containing contaminated groundwater, emitting stench and adversely affecting public health, the chairman of the West Bengal State Pollution Control Committee, the World Bank's executive body-
Financing projects.
The project was initially scheduled to start in 2010, but was delayed due to the lack of any response caused by the previous two tenders.
Only after the submission of the third tender, Pvt Ltd, environmental engineer, Saurashtra (SEEPL)
The position was obtained in June 2016. Denmark-
COWI, an international consulting group based, is evaluating the project.
The work on the project began in November 2016.
Since the dumping is random, the mound is first stabilized by trimming the slope to form a stable gradient.
The waste is then formed and the surface layer is compacted.
After the slope has been compacted, a drainage pipe has been laid to transport the leachate to the treatment plant.
A system has also been established to collect and discharge methane gas after passing through the compost filter.
To prevent rain from infiltrating the mound, the mound is now covered with thick plastic sheets.
The isolation of garbage dumps from weather activities will minimize the production of leachate, Rudra explained. A 9-
At the same time, a 10-foot-wide road is built around the mound for vehicles to travel to the plateau at the top 6,000.
Soil with a thickness of more than 1 m will be laid on a plastic sheet as a nutrient layer.
When grass and shrubs grow along slopes, flowers, and fruits --
Bearing trees will be planted on the plateau.
An irrigation system will be installed to water these plants.
Part of the project is the leachate treatment plant under construction at the same time. A pre-
The study of the project found that surface water flowing through rainwater pipes was heavily polluted and contaminated farmland growing vegetables.
It was found that the levels of biological oxygen demand and metals were much higher than the allowable standards.
We believe the garden will become a tourist attraction with a view of the wetlands in the east and the cities in the West.
Check out what Swabhumi or PC Chandra Garden is today.
The PCB chairman added, just, it will be much better as it will be managed scientifically.
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