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disco, djs, indies, and elvis - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-15
disco, djs, indies, and elvis  -  characteristics of polyester
UNCASVILLE 19 in Conne state
Disco Ball: The biggest disco ball in the world came to Mohegan Sun casino with a bunch of polyester
Wearing a 70-year-old superstar, take you back to the day when Donna Xia was the Queen of the dance floor (
Although people in the village may take issues).
Dicco took over the huge arena of the casino with performances such as Gloria Gaynor
"I will live "), Rose Royce (“Car Wash’’)Carl Carlton
"Eternal Love ")
Evelyn, King of Champagne (“Shame’’)
Anita Ward ("Call Me ")
Live performance.
There will be entertainment on the stage, but there will be the same rich form of entertainment --watching.
Can you wear a white suit, gentlemen?
Will the hot pants extend to the limit?
These questions will be answered at an entry fee of $25.
No. 1 Mohegan Sun Avenue, 800-745-3000, www. mohegansun. com DEC. 3-
13 NEW YORKPacha: The original Pacha that opened at the party-
Hungry Ibiza island in 1967, but it took megaclub nearly 40 years to reach the U. S. coast.
Five years ago, the first North American outpost opened in New York, and in memory of this important moment, Pacha fell into a coma --
It is worth the stability of the superstar DJs. On Dec.
The smooth French DJ David Geita kicked off the celebration. On Dec.
4, author of Dream Songs-producer-
DJ Kaskade.
The party will continue next weekend (
Even New Yorkers need time to recover)
Cooperation with hua cai in December.
On December, Eric Morello and Fedley Grande.
Legendary DJ Danny Tenaglia, December. 12.
Tickets are sold separately at different prices.
618 West 46 Street, 212-209-7500, www. pachanyc. com NOV.
13 BUENOS AIRESCreamfields: When we started taking out the sweater from the warehouse and thinking about the sunset at 4: 30, the Southern Hemisphere began celebrating the summer with the festival season. The British-
Born Creamfields music festival now exported to all parts of South America, next month with fat man slim, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk and 《
Tickets are $48.
Airport, General Paz and Roka Avenue. www. creamfieldsba. com OCT. 29-NOV.
Liverpool Music Week: in this country, the definition of a week is usually seven days --give or take.
This is not the case in the UK. the programmers behind Liverpool music week started at the end of this month and continued until November.
It's been a week somehow.
We don't resent it because, uh, there are some wonderful performances this week.
Bands such as sleigh bells and Los camperinos provide free performances!
And Miles Kane.
The festival also includes the drum, the left, the swindlers and the independent darling of the villagers.
The venues and fares vary. www.
Liverpool Music Week
Com is scheduled for January. 5-
Elvis Presley Festival: Commemorating Elvis Presley's birthday (
He was 76 in January. 8)
Fanatics gather in Parkes every year to watch the movie, a look like Priscilla --
Whether it's a game or more Elvis Presley imitators, you can't shake a embellished jumpsuit here.
Start your day with Elvis Presley breakfast, join Elvis Presley gospel service, Elvis Presley street parade, and return to the altar wedding church to renew your vows with the grandiose men of your life
There was even a cat King Idol competition for the budding performers.
Many activities are free.
A brief introduction to the week's event can be found on the website. www.
Park festival. com.
The AuCHRISTOPHER MUTHER event is sometimes canceled, rescheduled or sold out; check online.
Christopher Muther can be reached at muther @ globe. com.
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