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do-it-yourself storm windows may cut heat loss up to 60% - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
do-it-yourself storm windows may cut heat loss up to 60%  -  clear plastic sheets
Tests show that windows with only one piece of glass and no storm windows account for a high proportion of heat loss in cold weather.
Depending on the external temperature and window area, increasing storm debris will reduce the heat loss by 30 to 60 cents.
Nevertheless, many do not add storm windows because the cost of having the usual triple storm windows is high
The mounted rail combo unit, or because they live in a rented house or apartment, it is impractical to install a Storm Belt outside.
Now, however, several companies have made cheap kits, and anyone can install their own storm windows using transparent plastic instead of glass and install them inside or outside of existing windows.
In many cases, these are as effective as professionals in reducing heat loss
Installed aluminumand-
Glass models installed outside, in some cases they are more efficient (
The conductor of plastic is worse than glass).
In addition, these kits simplify the problem (
Cost reduction)
Install additional storm windowslarge or odd-
Large and small windows as well as basement, porch, storm foyer, activity room and camper windows.
Adding plastic storm windows to the interior, even on the house where storm windows are installed outside, will reduce the heat loss by 10 to 15 cents, while reducing the internal condensation problem in very cold weather.
While they can be installed on any window, it should be noted that there is a disadvantage --
The main window cannot be opened when the device is in place.
Unlike triple-track or sliding storm windows, this window allows you to simply slide them after the main window is opened, and the plastic film must be removed first.
The simplest and cheapest do-it-
Your own storm window consists of a clear, flexible vinyl film that is nailed outside the window frame or nailed outside the window frame.
Vinyl is sold by the yard, or in sheets of various sizes, and there are usually some kits, including heavy-duty cardboard or fine wood strips that form a "frame" around the plastic.
These are replaced every year.
Compared to this simple-to-use plastic, Mortell recently launched a new kit, Kankakee, Ill. 60901.
The kit contains heavy weight clear polyethylene film with extruded vinyl strips to form a frame for permanent installation.
As shown in the figure, the matching rubber strip is attached to the channel of the vinyl frame strip, so that when forced to be placed above the plastic film, it holds the plastic firmly.
To install this storm window, first nail the plastic mold with the rust-proof nails provided.
Transparent plastic is laid out on the top by temporarily sticking to it along the top, and then by pressing force into the molding groove in the rubber flower line on the top.
Then trim the excess plastic with a knife or blade.
At the end of winter, the spline plate is pulled out and saved, but the plastic film is discarded and replaced next year.
In the summer, the same mold and flower can be used to make screens --
Just replace the transparent film with a fiberglass screen.
Switch to plastic again in autumn
Create storm window.
Another kind of plasticit-
The plastic frame or molded storm window that includes permanent installation is-
Dale, by Plaskolite, Inc.
1770 Joyce Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43216
This kit contains a rigid, transparent plastic polystyrene sheet instead of a plastic film and can be re-created
Available year after year.
Pressure in vinyl molding-
Sensitive Adhesive back, so just press it in place and it can be installed on the window frame.
This molding is hinged, so it can open the plastic sheet that accepts transparency and close it to secure it firmly in place. The mouldings (
Can be painted)
Stay in place permanently.
Paper can be removed by simply opening the frame bar every year.
Due to the fact that styrene is not suitable for outdoor exposure, this storm window sleeve is only for internal installation.
It is a little more expensive than the first to use a flexible film.
A typical windows suite that retails for about $14, up to 38x65 inch.
85, while windows Mortell suite up to 38x58 inch costs $8. 50.
In addition to these storm window kits, Renault metals, Richmond, Va.
23261, also sells aluminum molded parts that make their own permanent storm belts and screens.
An illustrated brochure provides detailed instructions for assembling and manufacturing these units.
For screens, you can use plastic or aluminum wire mesh, and for storm windows, you can use plain glass or hard clear plastic (
Acrylic or styrene)
Sold in many lumberyards and hardware stores.
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