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don't shake it like a polaroid picture - clear plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
don\'t shake it like a polaroid picture  -  clear plastic film
Andre 3000, we love these clothes, but you are wrong. ThePolaroid (search)
The company has issued a statement in response to outkast (search)
Hot song "Hey, you! " —
You should never shake it like a photo.
In response to consumer questions about the song, the company wrote on its website: "shaking or waving can actually damage the image . ".
"Rapid movement in the development process can lead to premature separation of parts of the film, or can lead to" spots "in the photos ".
"OutKast singerAndre 3000's (search)
The website explained that the proposal was out of date. Peel-
The different versions of the film "need to be dry before processing, so waving photos helps it dry faster.
"But in the current consumer Polaroid-type movie," this photo develops and dries behind a transparent plastic window and never touches the air, so shaking or rocking has no effect.
"The best way to ensure a perfectly developed image is to put the picture on a flat surface immediately after it leaves the camera," the website added . ". " How boring.
Polaroid is still expensive and expensiveResolution stripping
Real-time movies mainly for professional and scientific markets.
I almost bought your number, Jenny.
In related news, a New York man tried to auction some music history, although it may not be what he really wanted to sell.
Manhattan resident John, who did not want to give his full name, called the phone number (212)867-
A few days ago, eBay had a 5309 bid and it got an impressive bid before the auction site took it off Tuesday night.
Pop music junkies will recognize "867-
5309 "as a chorus of Tommy Tuton's 1981 hit song, Jenny, tells the story of a man getting a woman's number from the bathroom wall.
John told the New York Daily that when he called local carrier Verizon a few months ago to install a second phone line, he was surprised to find that no one had the number.
He told the newspaper that he often received calls, "mostly on weekends and mostly from drunk people.
"Verizon said this is the owner of this number, not John for sale.
The EBay auction page insists that the recently established local number carrying law states that he can transfer the number to anyone he wants.
The auction is scheduled to end on Sunday. At 1 p. m.
On Tuesday, the bid reached $80,700 before the project was canceled. 00.
They sent the Terminator to collect the expired FeesVALPARAISO, Ind. (AP)—
There will soon be a new librarian working at the University of Valparaiso.
This librarian does not have any rest days because it is a robot.
About half of the books collected in the library are placed in steel boxes so that robot arms can pick up books 24 hours a day.
The robot limbs will be put down at a station where a human librarian can take the book out.
This is just one of the many modern features that the Christopher library information resource center will provide. The four-
The $33 million building will have plenty of computer and study space, large classrooms, cafes and four lounges with gas fireplaces.
"The building is very high --
"Technology," said Rick Amelin, university librarian.
There are currently 450,000 books in the library, but the university wants as many as 600,000 in the new library.
Honolulu, the best friend of Mankind (AP)—Cpl.
Rita lefergood disagrees with her husband.
The legged members of their family should be able to go out for dinner with them.
The state is clear, however: it is illegal.
This week, a state senator's recommendation to the health department committee will make it easier for animal lovers like Levergood to go out for dinner with what they call family-like pets.
"I hate to leave them at home," said 21-year-old Levergood . " He has two dogs.
"I definitely want to bring them. "Sen.
Republican Fred Hemmings wants to see state health rules relax, giving restaurants the option to allow dogs to enter the outdoor seating area.
On Thursday, the National Advisory Committee on Food Protection practices will vote on his request.
If it is adopted, Hawaii will be with 21 other states with similar pets --
According to Tara Kane of DogFriendly, friendly dining rules. com.
At present, health regulations in Hawaii prohibit pets from entering food places.
Violators will face fines and will be shut down for multiple violations.
It was in a small cafe in the French resort of Biarritz that haimings came up with the idea of relaxing regulation.
He said he was still unable to erase the memory of an old woman whose little dog was sitting next to her.
"I have to guess that this dog is a very important part of this woman's life," he said . ".
The diamonds are, uh, RoughSALEM, N. H. (AP)—
Salem police took a little patience and medicine to recover a stolen $10,000 diamond ring over the weekend.
Police say Kevin Lynch of Boston, 38, admitted stealing and swallowing a 2-
A diamond ring in platinum at a jewelry store on Friday.
They caught up with Lynch in a restaurant and they said one of the two men left the store with a stolen Jeep, Cherokee, and later gave up the car.
Lynch allowed police to search him. An X-
The ray shows the ring stuck in his digestive tract.
On Sunday morning, the doctor prescribed medicine for Lynch to move on, and the police recovered the ring.
Lynch was accused of theft.
The police did not believe he intended to steal the ring as a Valentine's Day gift.
The monkey sends the message of love Grande Island. (AP)—
Does "You Are So Beautiful" mean more when being bent by a gorilla knee to sing?
It dealt with three employees at the Zwink State Farm agency on Grand Island, who were recently given a night break by a singer wearing a gorilla suit.
Holly Fitch, who works at the agency, colluded with her colleagues.
The relatives of the workers will arrange special Valentine's Day gifts for them. "Great.
"The results are great," Fitch said . ".
The three lucky ladies were Darlene Zwin, Judy Price, and Ami liantar.
The secret serenade in the suit is Celeste Haveln, a florist owned by Fitch's mother and brother.
"It's very interesting," Zwink said . "
"It was a surprise.
Price said Thursday's unique Valentine's Day gift on behalf of her fiancé brought her closer to the wild kingdom than before.
"I have never been hugged by a gorilla before," Price said . ".
This is the first time.
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