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doomsday pyramid to bring positive thinking in mexico’s maya riviera - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
doomsday pyramid to bring positive thinking in mexico’s maya riviera  -  polyethylene terephthalate
The Mayan Riviera is northwest of the Yucatan Peninsula, and the turquoise Caribbean coast is home to some of the most beautiful islands.
Visit the Mayan cities, Turun, Coba and Chichen Itza.
So it's no wonder that the area is becoming one of the main destinations to celebrate the end of the world.
"The ancient Mayan calendar ends at the winter solstice on December 21, 2012.
It's not the end of the world, really--
Some people like to predict.
Archaeologists now believe that this is just the end of a calendar cycle and the beginning of a new calendar cycle.
Regardless of the Mayan apocalypse or not, debates and headlines are good for tourism.
I can see this with my own eyes during my recent trip.
A special attraction set up to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar is a new pyramid being built for the end of the world and elsewhere.
Mexican artist Xavier de Maria y Campos wants the new B 'aktunoob, the Mayan calendar cycle, to usher in a new era of positive thinking and appreciation of nature and the environment that Maya believes in
That's why he's building a huge pyramid with 700,000 recycled pet (PET)
Aldia Zama's water and water bottles are located between the ancient and modern cities of Tulum.
This positively thinking pyramid will be completed in December 21, 2012, covered by jungle leaves, with a huge mirror on the top, reflecting sun light during the day and creating artificial beams at night.
Click here and here for more information.
Visitors are invited to fill the bottle with some paper prayer or desire.
We use less plastic bottles.
Visitors can also insert a wish through the pyramid website, a popular activity for school groups.
The building was planted with green plants as a pile of bottles pulled up.
A gardener handed me a cut and I pushed it into the straps that stacked the plastic in place.
In the end, the pyramid will look like another hill covered with jungle growth, like hundreds of hills all over the Yucatan Peninsula, hiding the Maya that has not yet been excavated
Tulum currently has no recycling plan.
Campos wants to get good cosmic karma from positive thoughts in the bottle, the behavior of getting so much plastic from the garbage dump, and the ecological environment
His project is under construction.
It can't hurt.
In addition to the Mayan calendar, the Maya Riviera in the state of kintanaloo, Mexico is also a destination for animal adventures. Mid-May to mid-
September is The whaleshark season, where huge animals meet in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico near Cancun and Isla Mujeres.
Snorkeling with sharks is a big deal and you can sign up for a boat tour at the ferry terminal or at the hotel concierge.
They are called whale sharks, because they are whale-sized sharks, foraging close enough to the surface of the water, and when you jump off the boat and swim with them, you may actually land in one
But it didn't happen because the tour captain and the swimming guide were close experts but not so close.
It can also be called polka.
Because they're huge blue sharks.
Gray body decorated with Graywhite polka-
Except for the dorsal fin and tail, there are spots everywhere.
Whatever you call them, it's like snorkeling with a submarine.
In my first two jumps, I focused on taking photos and videos with an underwater camera, which is stupid.
When you watch through a stamp viewfinder, it's hard to see their widescreen glory.
So, in my next jump, I left my camera on the boat.
Every time I jump, my guide Juan Carlos Coba holds my hand tightly to help me gain strength --
Swim after our shark.
Be sure to ask how many people you will have on board.
Juan Carlos is no more than eight people, so each of us has more jumps and times in the water than others, with as many as 20 large boats that tourists take turns on.
Click on CruiseDivers to see more information.
Whale shark is just an animal trip for me.
On Isla Mujeres I visited Tortugranja of the government
A farm that supports endangered turtles.
Over the past decade, the small factory has launched 1,000 hawbill and rare white turtles in the wild.
Be careful. I was driving for a week-
An old baby the size of a big coin and return it to a waiter.
In akumel, between Cancun and Tulum, I swim with adult turtles who hang out in offshore sea grass.
My guide, Virginia Romano Franklin, grew up here and swam with turtles from an early age.
She found a pair of happy feeding, only a few hundred yards away from a group of tourists who acted like unruly paparazzi, close to a separate turtle, which must be
Click to see more information on the Riviera Adventure.
Romano Franklin also takes care of a little spider monkey at the Oscar and Laro family restaurants in Turen.
Lalito was found abandoned on a nearby family ranch and when he was playing tag with guests, she was wearing a baby diaper-she dug a hole in it for his tail.
Like the toddler of human beings, Lalito is constantly moving in addition to a brief pause and hug.
On other days, I was in Xcaret and Xel-with trained dolphins-
Two. -ha.
For tourists
Nature park on the Mayan waterfront.
At Xcaret, dolphins do their famous "foot push", which is a fence that pushes a celebrity class of tourists over the scale of the Olympics.
I was instructed to float face down, my legs were locked straight and my hips separated.
The moment after the coach blew the whistle, the nose of the two dolphins was pushing my soles, and I stretched out my arms and flew over the pool, like Kate Winslet on board the TitanicAt Xel-
Ha, one of their tricks is to swim upright so that I can simply hold their flippers and "dance" with them ".
Yes, there is a dispute about such imprisonment and training.
Hopefully anyone who experiences these smart and beautiful creatures up close will be moved to support the conservation of them in the wild.
Maybe someone placed this wish in a bottle of the positive thinking pyramid.
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