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dramatically up your iphone photography game with lemuro lenses - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
dramatically up your iphone photography game with lemuro lenses  -  polycarbonate
There was a time when Apple's iPhone had the best camera in the industry.
This is no longer the case.
The new iphone still has a solid shooter, but ultra-with the Galaxy s10-
5x optical zoom for a wide angle camera or Huawei P30 Pro.
However, the accessory manufacturer seized this weakness and provided a solution to improve the camera (s)Apple offers.
Lemuro is a relatively new company on the market, but the company has introduced a range of eye-catching removable lenses and enclosures.
These Lenovo lenses combine Italian style and German precision optical engineering to allow you to build a kit that will bring the DSLR-
Just like the iPhone function.
The detachable lens of Lemuro LensesLemuro adopts German process precision optical quality, and manyelement blue-coated glass.
The lens is made of an anodized aluminum body designed by Milan, with silver or black options.
Each lens comes with a protective lens cover and a microfibre bag for storage and carrying.
Dual lens fully supportedcamera iPhones.
Connecting them to the case is a breeze thanks to the screwson bases.
Just put the lens on the socket and twist it until it tightens and you can go.
Currently, the company offers four lenses: The photo housing is a component that is often overlooked in the auxiliary smartphone lens system.
For the best results, you need a lens that is securely connected to your smartphone to make sure it is positioned precisely in front of the camera while preventing light leakage: this means a dedicated photo box.
The photo of lemorro was clearly not thought of afterwards.
Lens accessories (
Dual Camera socketcamera iPhones)
It is durable aluminum and safety accessory with built-in lanyard hook
Used to connect an optional wristband or neck strap.
The TPU polycarbonate bumper, raised lip and microfibre lining protect the enclosed iPhone, while the design of the housing itself minimizes the volume.
Lemuro designed a series of stylish-looking cases using Italian designers from Milan
Functional though.
They have a variety of finishes and colors to choose from, including European leather purchased responsibly and a smooth polycarbonate version with contrast trim.
The various cases provided are a real advantage for this system.
In action, the Lemuro lenses won't go through all the Lemuro lenses, but I want to show how significantly they can improve the built-in functionality of your iPhonein cameras.
So I'm going to show the results of shooting with the iPhone 7 Plus, using two lenses that I suspect most people will be interested in: the wide angle lens and the remote portrait lens.
None of the photos. cropped and un-
In any case, the "front and back" footage is taken from the same vantage point.
The first is the remote portrait lens.
Standard shooting progress from iPhone (wide angle)
Lens, to build-
At 2x optical zoom, then the Lemuro remote portrait superimposed on the iPhone optical zoom (
4 times the ratio).
For the wide angle contrast lens, I first used the iPhone's camera and then the Lemuro wide angle lens.
The resolution of this format is limited, but you should see that the performance of the iPhone's own camera is significantly improved when equipped with Lemuro lenses.
Thanks to high quality, manyGerman elements
The engineering glass optics used in the lens, the upgrade produced very satisfactory results, with few drawbacks.
I noticed some slight blur and slight scatter effect on the extreme edge of the wide angle lens (
No portrait mode required)
Used to scale the lens, especially in a busy background.
The price and availability of single lenses in silver or black aluminum range from $85 to $89.
The housing required to install the lens starts at $29.
These cases are available in a variety of colors and finishes, including gloss and leather options, and are currently available for iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7/8 Plus, iPhone X/XS, upcoming iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.
Lemuro also offers a range of accessories, including tote bags and straps, as well as extra lens caps and eye bags.
Recommended if you are an iPhone fan who has taken a lot of photos, you are starting to look with envy at some of the cameras included in the latest Android flagship, investing in a few Lemuro lenses may have a long way to go.
None of these will do anything for inherent weaknesses, such as lack of light, but for DSLR-
Like the ability to change lenses, they will improve your iPhone photography game.
The aesthetic appeal of the lemorro lens system and case is also noteworthy.
The company offers a wide range of shell finishes and colors as well as the choice of attractive Italy-
Lens with silver or black aluminum design.
The Lemuro suite provides flexibility and serious upgrades to your iPhone photo features and is able to upgrade in style.
Disclosure: Lemuro provided the lens and iPhone case for the assessment, but did not participate in the review.
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