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drum pioneer snares a big chunk of the market - polyester film inc

by:Cailong     2019-07-06
drum pioneer snares a big chunk of the market  -  polyester film inc
Performance: President and founder of Valenciabased Remo Inc.
Is the pioneer of drum head technology, has been the leading manufacturer of drum head for more than 50 years.
Background: 82-year-old Remo Belli started playing drums at 12 and grew up in South BayMishawaka, Ind.
An area near Elkhart, a city known for producing band instruments.
Due to the loss of manpower caused by World War II, he became a professional drummer in high school when he was 16 years old.
After some time in the Navy, he played with jazz and swing bands and moved to California.
He toured with jazz singer Anita O'Day, actor Betty Heaton and trumpeter Billy May.
Education: "My education is in high school," says Belli . ".
"The rest is what I get through life.
"Opening a shop: realizing that he has a knack for doing business, Bailey opened Drum City in 1952 with drummer Roy Hart on Santa Monica Avenue and North Gore Street in Hollywood.
"I 've never heard of the word invoice," said Bailey, who now sees the humor in it.
His big breakthrough: as a retailer and musician, when he plays in Chicago, Bailey often visits the drum company. In the mid-
1950, a company showed him a kind of Mylar polyester film produced by DuPont.
Potential as a drum head material.
"But they don't know what to do," he said . ".
Bailey, who customized and made special equipment for musicians, returned to Los Angeles. A.
I bought a mai la and nailed it to the wood ring of the drum, which usually covers the skin of the animal.
"We think it has potential," he said . "
His accountant introduced him to chemist Sam munchnick.
The production process of the aluminum hoop is affixed to the wheat.
How It Grew: Remo opened its 500 square feet of space in Hollywood in 1957 and has been moving for years and expanding to drum sets, other percussion instruments and accessories.
Today, it covers an area of 217,000 square feet in Valencia and has a music center in North Hollywood.
Impact: Belli changed the music world and "allowed rock to happen," says Joe Lamond, president and chief executive of NAMM, International Music Products Association.
At an event this year
Without Mylar as an adaptation of the drum head sleeve, Belli said, there would not be enough skin to supply the drums needed for the frenzy.
In addition, skin is sensitive to climate change, making long-distance travel performances a challenge.
Remo also helps standardize the size of drum sets worldwide.
This makes it possible for rock bands to find the same equipment anywhere they buy.
Global Influence: Remo is committed to producing products in the United StatesS.
Belli said it was intended to be used here.
A joint venture that manufactures and sells products in mainland China and Taiwan has enabled Remo to develop and serve these markets.
Expanding the market: for entrepreneurs who expand the foreign market, Belli suggests that they can communicate accurately.
Fredy Shen, executive vice president and president of Remo Asia for 30 years, said, read and wrote eight Chinese dialects.
'We wouldn't have had any success without Shen, 'said Bailey.
Current focus: next quarter-
Belle looks forward to the development of music-
For fun, for health and health.
Now, he is also engaged in what he calls "life improvement business", promoting the use of drums as a tool in social, academic and medical settings.
"Drums are so accessible to so many different environments.
This is one of the few things you can do immediately in a team, "said Bailey, whose North Hollywood center holds drum events every week.
Personal: Bailey lives in Valencia with his wife, doctorAmi Belli.
He is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys walking, weightlifting and other sports.
"I did what I did when I was 82 and there was no problem doing what I did when I was 62. " lauren. beale@latimes.
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