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eastman chemical co (emn.n) - polyester film sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
eastman chemical co (emn.n)  -  polyester film sheets
Eastman Chemical Company (Eastman)
Founded in July 29, 1993, it is an advanced material and special additive company that produces a series of advanced materials, special additives, chemicals and fibers, and these materials and special additives exist.
The company mainly deals in additives and functional products (AFP)
Advanced Materials (AM)
Chemical Intermediates (CI), and Fibers.
As of December 31, 2016, the company has 49 manufacturing sites and equity in 6 manufacturing joint ventures in 14 countries, providing products to customers around the world.
Additives and functional products in the AFP market segment, the company is for coatings, tires, consumables, construction and construction, industrial applications (including solar market, animal nutrition, focus on chemicals, crop protection and energy market.
Its products include coatings and ink additives such as polymers, Eastman four ashield, Texanol, Optifilm, ketone and oxyalcohol;
Adhesive resin such as Piccotac, Regalite, Eastotac and Eastoflex;
Tire additives such as Crystex, Santoflex and Impera;
Additives for health-care chemicals, such as hydrocarbon derivatives;
Special fluids such as Therminol, Skydrol and Eastman SkyKleen;
Animal nutrition, such as a solution of methyl acetate, crop protection, such as a derivative of hydrocarbon amine.
The company competes with basf se, Dow Chemical, Oxea, Celanese, alternative technology, Exxon Petroleum, Cologne Industrial
Jiangsu XinAo Chemical Technology Co. , Ltd. , Shikoku Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Dongfang carbon Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Korea Kumho Petrochemical Co. , Ltd. Ltd.
Lanxess AGCray Valley special chemicals for hydrocarbons, Exxon Petroleum, Kelon industries, Huntsman, Perstorp, Luxi Chemical Group
Anesho Limited and Bayer.
Advanced Materials division of AM division, which produces and sells its polymers, films and plastics, which have different properties, used for transportation, consumables, construction and construction, health and health-resistant products.
The technical platforms in this field include cellulose ester, co-polyester and PVC (PVB)
And polyester film.
The performance film product line is mainly composed of window film products, which are after-sales application films for automotive and building glass.
The company's product line in the AM field includes specialty plastics, Advanced Mezzanine and performance films.
The company's specialty plastic products include the Oriental sons copolyester, Eastman Tritan copolyester, Eastman visual materials, Eastman copolyester arms, Eastman Spectar combos, espila series resin and Flexvue Isus.
The Interlayers product line includes special intermediate PVB plates and resins.
PVB is a special resin for the production of laminated safety glass plates for automotive and construction applications.
The company's products include the Saflex and Saflex Q series.
The special plastic production line consists of two primary products, special co-polyester and cellulose ester.
The company's performance film products include LLumar, SunTek, V-KOOL and Gila.
The company competes with cove Stro, Trinseo, Evonik Industries AG, Saudi Basic Industries, Mitsubishi ChemicalK.
Sichuan push Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Sichuan push Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. , Kuraray Co.
Saint-3 m Company LimitedGobain S. A.
And Garware Chemical Co. , Ltd.
The CI segment of chemical intermediates uses the large-scale and vertical integration of cellulose and acetone, olefin and amine streams to support its professional operating segments.
The CI division sells excess intermediates that exceed its professional needs for markets such as industrial chemicals and processing, construction and construction, health and health, and agrochemicals.
The company's technology platforms include acetate, oxos, plasticizer, polyester and amine.
Its products include oxygen alcohol and derivatives, ethylene, ethylene, alcohol ether and Ester;
For example, plasticizer such as Eastman 168, Eastman DOP, Benzoflex, Eastman TXIB and Eastman effusion, and functional amine (such as amine ).
The company works with Lyondell Bassett, basf se, Dow Chemical, Oxea, BP plc, Celanese Corporation, Lonza, Flint Hills Resources, Exxon Petroleum, LG
Jadeite performance materials, chemicals and the United StatesS. Amines.
The fiber segment in the fiber segment, which the company produces and sells the estron acetate strand and the ethrobon Trione plasticizer, which are mainly used in the manufacture of cigarette filters;
Nature (undyed)
Dyed acetate yarn for clothing, household goods and industrial fabrics, as well as cellulose acetate flakes and acetate raw materials from other acetate manufacturers.
The company's product line in the field of fiber includes acetic acid strand, acetic acid yarn and acetic acid chemical products.
The company and Celanese company, suvidiA.
Decker company Mitsubishi artificial silkLtd.
, UAB Dirbtinis Pluostas, Industrias del Acetato de Celulosa S. A.
Mitsubishi artificial silkLtd.
Jiangsu Ruijia Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. and Polynt SPA.
200 S Wilcox Dr, PO Box 511 kingsport tn 37660-5147P: +1423. 2292000 f: 1302.
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