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ebola outbreak: uk has 'no plans' to screen travellers for deadly virus - protective plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-03
ebola outbreak: uk has \'no plans\' to screen travellers for deadly virus  -  protective plastic film
Health officials say there are no plans to screen travellers entering the UK for the deadly Ebola virus, as more than 100 military medical staff are preparing to travel to Sierra Leone to help deal with the epidemic.
Public Health in the UK (PHE)
He said the overall risk of the virus to the UK remains "low" and that the UK is "healthy, healthy"
Good development
The NHS system "tested to manage unusual infectious diseases ".
Earlier, a Spanish nurse was infected with the first known virus outside West Africa.
A spokesman for PHE said: "There is no plan to introduce the inbound screening system in the UK.
This will require the UK to screen every Returning Traveler as one can return to the UK from the affected country through any port of entry.
It will be a lot of lowrisk people.
"PHE provided advice to British border forces on assessing the entry of an unwell patient into the UK.
Dr. Brian McCloskey, director of global health at PHE, said: "UK hospitals have a good track record in dealing with imported infectious diseases.
If anEbolacase is repatriated to the UK, or is found in the UK, they will receive appropriate treatment in the isolation unit and all appropriate protocols will be activated immediately.
"Personnel from 22 field hospitals, usually based in New York, are expected to travel to West Africa for humanitarian operations in the coming weeks.
They will work for a field hospital dedicated to the treatment of doctors infected with the disease, not for the public, and will run a 12-bed facility.
Medical staff have been wearing a full range of protective clothing for extensive training to simulate casualties
Strensall Barracks in York
The campaign, which is expected to last two weeks, lasts 13 hours a day.
There are symptoms of Ebola or suspected casualties, which are completely realistic.
Upward and prosthetic veins, show yourself to the team wearing a full set of protective plastic suits and masks.
A military spokeswoman said: "They are going through all the procedures and paying attention to wearing PPE and working at quite hot temperatures.
"The training center is a replica of the Afghan camp fortress, which can change the temperature and it's warm there today.
"The casualties came in and the medical staff tested their procedures and worked with their protective equipment. "brightcove.
The unprecedented outbreak of Ebola in West Africa this year has killed more than 3,400 people and has become a growing concern in the rest of the world.
British nurse William Polly, who was infected with the virus in Sierra Leone, survived treatment at the Royal Liberty Hospital in London.
International development minister Justin Green said the government continued to review stricter travel restrictions after a Spanish nurse, contractedEbola, and three other nurses, were isolated from a hospital in Madrid.
She told BBC News: "This has not changed the assessment of UK risks.
"But it does show why it is right for us to work with the government in Sierra Leone to help them fight the disease, which is now spreading so quickly.
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