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Editorial: Fort Mac fire chief makes sense - clear roofing material

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
Editorial: Fort Mac fire chief makes sense  -  clear roofing material
Fort McMurray fire brigade up to BI Allen worked very bravely to save the city from the greater devastation caused by the wildfire.
It is commendable that now, with the community starting to rebuild, Alan is the voice of reason, and he believes that the building should contain material to prevent the great damage caused by future fires.
Having suffered so much damage, it makes sense for families and businesses to take advantage of reduced-cost supplies and designs --
Prevent loss of life
If a fierce horror returns to Fort McMurray.
"Maybe they are no longer allowed to have wooden fences --
Probably wire Internet cafe.
Maybe back in the front row of that wilderness, they have to have a plaster interior or a metal exterior --
"It's not on the side, it's not cedar wood," Allen said . " He also suggested that the house be further away from the forest on the edge of the city.
"The roof material can be Slate or tile or right or wrong
Combustible tile
Definitely not a cedar shake.
Melissa Black, Mayor of Woodborough, suggested that building improvements be achieved through the individual choices made by the residents, rather than by revising the building regulations or the new city charter.
"I have a cedar roof on my house and this is the first thing I want to change," Blake said . ".
"If you 've ever experienced something like this, you want to make sure you're more resistant to it in the future.
"The mayor is right: Residents and business owners have vested interests --
Interested in ensuring the flexibility of their residence.
It makes sense that they will take steps to ensure that their investment has the best chance to survive the fire.
That said, the demand was so big that Black seemed to be taking a casual approach to the fire captain's reasonable advice.
It is unwise to be optimistic that people will do the right thing.
After all, everyone has to make a change in order to maximize protection --
Just like when everyone is vaccinated against the threat, the disease is better controlled.
The city and the province should act on Alan's recommendation and implement reasonable measures
These measures will provide obvious benefits at a reasonable cost and will not violate the rights of the owners too fiercely.
It is understood that no structure can guarantee fire prevention, but the best practices and lessons that can be used are collected from the destruction and other fires in Fort McMurray, including the fires that occurred in Slave Lake on 2011.
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