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Education is blowing in the wind - corrugated sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-10
Education is blowing in the wind  -  corrugated sheet
The children risked their lives to be educated at school, which collapsed around them.
High school students in Northern Soweto Zola pray every day that the weather is better, fearing that the storm will disrupt the unstable walls and roofs of the school, thus disrupting the exams.
Kwadedangendale Middle School is one of the best performing schools in Soweto in the province, but it is listed as one of the hundreds of schools in the country that need to be rebuilt or repaired.
The walls of the school were dangerously swinging forward and backward, and part of the roof was swept away by the wind.
Although the Ministry of Basic Education acknowledged to Parliament that its expenditure on these projects was seriously insufficient.
Earlier this month, after the auditor, the department submitted to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on basic education-
General Kimi Makwetu found that it was under-spending on projects responsible for building and repairing schools in the 2016/17 fiscal year.
Gordon's Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Basic Education did not respond to urban media when printing.
School Grade 10 student Thando Ndimande described to the city media how they lived in fear of wall collapse and crushing.
"If the unfortunate day comes, our parents may also organize a funeral for us," he joked . " He added that they were eagerly awaiting the end of the exam so that they could
Nokuthula Ntombela, parents of the school, told the City media that her 14-year-
The 8 th grade old daughter Wandile was injured last week when the wind tore the corrugated board on the roof.
At that time, vandile and others gathered for morning prayers at the conference.
She lost her back care for two days at school, but her injury could be more serious.
"She is my only child. . .
School should be a safe space.
"I am worried about what will happen next," Ntombela lamented . ".
The school, located north of Zuora, built in 1994, patiently waited for the teacher to tell the city media that they had been patiently waiting for the school to be repaired or rebuilt.
Engineers hired by houden education in August told parents that it would take £ 28 to fix their school.
This is the fourth engineer report since the school raised concerns with the authorities about dilapidated classrooms in 2013.
In 2014, eight prefabricated classrooms were received by the school.
Three years later, some of them had holes in the floor and the wires were clearly hanging.
When a teacher's foot accidentally fell into a hole in one of the classrooms, she was also injured.
According to City News, she broke her hand when she fell.
Willie mabasso, chairman of the school maintenance Committee, said the structural defect was "life --threatening”.
"We are trying to fix some of the losses, but another problem will come up elsewhere.
He said: "This school is not well built and there is not enough cement used in construction . " The school is built on wetlands, he added.
Mabaso said that the annual budget allocation for maintenance is about R100 000, and the money received from the houden Education Department is not enough to repair structural damage. As a no-
Charged schools, they can't get extra money from poor parents to fix the school.
"If possible, we want the school to be rebuilt from scratch. With R28m [
Engineer estimates
To address this, it is clear that we can have a new school, "he said, adding that the Ministry of Education did not respond to their call for a new school.
The ministry accused the executive body of reporting in Parliament (
People who manage contractors)
Poor process and performance.
It also explained that, for various reasons, some contracts were terminated, resulting in insufficient expenditure by the department on infrastructure development programmes.
The education equality pressure group and DA, the main opposition party, have already fought.
On Wednesday this week, lobby groups gathered outside the office of Covent development, an implementation agent to appoint contractors for the massive accelerated school infrastructure development initiative in East Cape Province.
They believe that the work of The Covent project manager is overburdened, with an average of 40 to 45 school projects managed per project.
According to the group spokesman Mila kakza, ideally the project manager should oversee up to 10 schools.
"The project manager is critical because they oversee the procurement of contractors and chief consultants.
When the project manager is over-stressed, there will be fewer field visits to the school, and the quality of the school infrastructure program will decline, "said kakaza.
Nomsa Marchesi, deputy minister of DA shadow, said Minister Angie Motshekga must take responsibility for her department's failure to provide services.
She said it is estimated that a school in 14 states, R40m-of-the-
The art school could have built for nearly a million students, but the money was not spent at all.
"Minister Motshekga cannot continue to accuse the provinces and poor contractors of delaying the provision of safety schools.
"It's time for them to take responsibility for the fact that thousands of children continue to learn in substandard buildings," Marchesi said . ".
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