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efforts on to control leakage in milk packets - plastic film roll

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
efforts on to control leakage in milk packets  -  plastic film roll
In order to reduce the leakage of milk packaging, the Tamil Nadu Milk producer cooperation Federation Aavin has launched a number of steps, including improving the efficiency of dairy farm machine operators and ordering 25,000 barrels to replace broken old barrels.
Aavin's sources say it will hold milk bags for nearly 400 people
Dairy farms leak 600 liters a day.
In addition to this, additional packages are received for each delivery vehicle
Set the leaked packet.
"The leakage is mainly caused by four reasons, namely poor plastic film quality in some places on the roller, bathtub rupture, insufficient operator efficiency and voltage fluctuation.
"We are looking at all these aspects," the official explained . ".
Aavin requires suppliers of plastic film to ensure its quality.
"The half-liter package is made of plastic with a thickness of 50-55 microns and a one-liter package of 60-65 microns.
"If the operator finds that there are more than two or three packets leaking during the sealing process, the entire volume will be kept aside and returned to the supplier," the source said . ".
As senior officials visit three dairy farms in the city every day, the regulation of operators is being adjusted.
Closed-circuit television cameras were installed at the expense of Rs. 4.
Lakh and the system are being replicated in Madhavaram and Ambattur dairy farms.
The federation is purchasing and installing high-speed machinery to improve the quality of the packaging.
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