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Elements provide inspiration for creative artists at Architectural Digest Design Show in New York - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
Elements provide inspiration for creative artists at Architectural Digest Design Show in New York  -  where to get mylar
Brave tourists attending Architectural Digest design exhibition here this month braved the cold rain to get there.
But internally, these elements are the source of inspiration.
Water, wind, Earth, light
The artists have found clever ways to present these natural elements in the art of the home.
In the "Production" section of the exhibition, independent designers are set up, and creativity is everywhere.
Susan Richman, photographer at Dobbs Ferry in New York, is interested in the short quality of the environment.
She photographed the dilapidated buildings through the mirror and Mera.
In her latest collection, remodeling, she combines dyes with plant materials she finds during her walks --
"Flower petals of grass, pods and hydrangea" and freeze them.
She filmed their transformation when they unfrozen. Chicago-
Mitchell black presents a large mural called Mountain.
Reminiscent of vintage blackand-
The white illustrations in a good book may give the reader an insight into the mysterious forest.
In a wallpaper collection called Storm, the tumbling clouds and dusty charcoal drawings have become exquisite art beyond walls.
The company is known for its avant-garde wallpaper, including the oversized python-
Skin prints, images of the sound waves taken, and the splashing rain.
Creative director Jennifer Matthews of Tempaper draws inspiration from the Asian jungle, creating a panoramic mural of utopia with lush trees and creatures.
Sisievers' industrial company attracts visitors to their table with magnetic steel balls on it, tracking complex patterns in the silicon sand under the glass top.
The table has several sizes, each with a programming track for the guiding robot
Control the ball.
Lynn savaresh's "Ode to the Sea" series pays tribute to the water in its bubble, turbulent form.
Simon John of Quebec brought his black.
The Ash Shale console is a hand-made and machine-crafted theatrical work that is used to carve the texture details of the broken front of the cliff.
Holly Heller allocates her time between a teaching studio in New Jersey and Costa Ricca, where she is presenting works of art made from the materials found.
She collects things like shells and beads, cuts old playing cards, documents, fabrics and photos, carefully layering, manipulating and combining into mixed media art.
"When I started to arrange, I was thinking about progress," says Heller . ".
"This is a drawing that uses objects, and the details become clearer after careful inspection.
Brooklyn, New York-
The horse seat lighting, which is based at Richard Clarkson's studio, is mounted on the ceiling of the booth.
This is one of the series of lighting systems for brass, LED and Mono
Silk pendant representing the zodiac sign.
The sky is often a source of inspiration for New Zealand --born Clarkson;
He has a huge cloud.
This is also true in his squad.
He grew up admiring the night sky on the beach of warimara with the aim of reacquiring this magic in his collection.
"We were all left in awe-
"At some point in our lives, we are inspired by the stars," he said . ".
There is another interesting piece on his booth:
Wooden frame plate panel made of glass, aluminum and acrylic.
More than 700 small lights flash behind the laseretched, back-
Painting surface of glass
Clarkson, in honor of the night of July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Eagle lunar module on the moon, and Armstrong took the first step.
"From the perspective of the night in New York, the group is an accurate map of the stars and constellations," he said . ".
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