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emergency blanket from old party balloons - clear mylar sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
emergency blanket from old party balloons  -  clear mylar sheets
For my husband and I, backpacking in northern BC is a good thing.
We like hiking, and we are
Plan to see what exactly we need and how much we can get in the bag without putting too much pressure on us.
Because we will-the-middle-of-
I think the emergency blanket should be an important part of our packaging.
My son recently had a superhero-themed birthday party.
The size of the superhero McLaren balloon.
I can't throw away so much material and find the perfect use for it.
It turns out mylar is very easy to use and is a great homemade tapestry!
An emergency blanket helps to regulate body temperature and prevent/combat low body temperature.
I might add a little more fashion.
When I'm shaking to death, at least I will stay in fashion! ! I'm kidding. . . . . really!
There are a lot of small Meira balloons or parties for a few huge Meira balloons!
Or, save them over time.
Wait for them to let go or until your child does not remember that you have new members in your home.
I have to say it's a bit strange to hide these things around the living room in the middle of the night!
Anyway, it's a good idea to get permission from your child before cutting the balloon! !
Save your own temper!
Cut off the balloon with sharp scissors.
There will be seams in the body.
Try to salvage as many Merah pieces as possible along the seam.
Flatten all the pieces.
The emergency blanket bought by the store is 52x84 inch.
I think I can save some trouble and reduce the size to 50x80 inch.
So I need 40 square meters of 10 inch square meters.
Cut out 10x10 inch squares using a rotary cutter and a cutting pad until you have 40 squares.
Layered cutting makes the process faster.
Once Mela is cut, it is easy to roll.
After the pieces were cut, I clipped them in a big book to keep them flat.
Rolling doesn't matter, it just makes things more organized!
Supplies required for Assembly :-Iron -Old cloth -12 inch long (or longer)
When exposed to high temperatures, a piece of discarded material Mylar combines with itself.
The home iron will combine the wheat sheets together to form a very strong combination.
If you don't have to cover it with a cloth to protect it, Mela will also fuse on your iron! ! Be careful!
I have an iron that I use only for crafts, so it doesn't ruin my clothes if something melts.
This is a good idea!
Layering in this order: 1. Old cloth 2.
Two Mella. shiny (unprinted)
The print surface of Mylar will not fuse. 3.
The scrap fabric covering the edge of the Mela I used a scrap fabric with the edges on it so I knew how far to iron on the Mela.
If there is no edge to your fabric, draw a 1/4-
1/2 from the edge, give you a guide.
Doing so will keep your work square and straight.
Use the iron to cover mylar on the iron at the highest setting along the edge of the fabric.
Put it on the old fabric.
Open two pieces.
Blend the other square's Merah at one end until you have eight squares in a long row.
Repeat the whole process until you have five rows and eight rows.
Once you have all the squares pressed together, you will need to iron them together.
Use the same technology as step 4 to merge rows together.
Now that the blanket is finished, it needs to be "packed ".
Fold the blanket as small as possible and place it in a small re-sealed bag.
Clear Reference label.
Since the weight is a problem when packing, I would like to indicate that its weight is 2. 7 ounces!
Good for any packaging!
Now I can only hope I never really need to use it! !
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