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english love of gardening spurs occ horticulturist - polycarbonate roofing material

by:Cailong     2019-08-22
english love of gardening spurs occ horticulturist  -  polycarbonate roofing material
The arrival of spring has stirred up the passion of John lunanton, who has been guiding the gardening program at Orange Coast College for 26 years.
But with the arrival of spring, the mood of the British becomes complicated.
Born plant expert, he believes that British reverence for growing things is hard to instill in Orange County's culture of "cutting, blowing, walking.
"In both countries, there are people who are very enthusiastic about gardening, but the proportion of the population in England is far more than that in Southern California or Orange County," Lenanton said . ".
"For most people here, having a front and a backyard is a necessary evil.
They don't want to have anything to do with it because they prefer to do all the other things available.
It seems like everyone is on holiday most of the time, isn't it?
According to the 60-report, even the word "yard" reflects a gardening paradoxyear-
Old Costa Mesa resident.
"There is a yard somewhere in the UK where you can store trash cans;
This is the area you don't want anyone to see, usually on the side of your house.
There is a garden in front and behind your house.
"When Lenanton grew up in rural England, his parents were family gardeners, and they planted a lot of food themselves.
When he was a teenager, he worked in a nursery and after graduating from Oxford, he taught high school gardening.
Gardening is still a family business in the UK, he said.
"The whole family went to the nursery to buy plants all weekend," he said . ".
"Mom, dad and the children.
There is a restaurant and a children's play area in some of the better nurseries.
But you often see children picking plants around with their parents.
"Lenanton came to the United States in 1968 to receive a master's degree in horticulture at the University of California, Davis, and decided to stay after graduation.
His first teaching assignment was at the Department of Horticulture at Orange Coast College, which he now leads.
* Stroll through one of the seven customizations of the college-
Lenanton built the greenhouse and he proudly pointed out the translucent polycarbonate roof material he used to replace the greenhouse glass.
He demonstrated a fuzzy system connected to a central computer that calculates sunlight, time of year, and other variables.
Soil humidity is monitored by computer-
Link sensors buried in each plant container. It is a high-
There are very few specialized nurseries, says Lenanton.
"We may be the only community college in the country that has a computer greenhouse," he said . " His students are planting moist air around thousands of unusual plants for spring plant sales in April.
Annual plant sales are becoming more and more popular as gardeners discover a limited variety of plants in large familiesand-garden stores.
"The small retail nursery is disappearing and the Home Depot is taking over," says Lenanton . ".
"You can find these unusual plants in those small nurseries, because you won't sell that much until they become popular.
"I found some of our most unusual plants in the small nursery," Lenanton said, pointing to a red passion --
Rattan covering the chain-
Link the fence outside a greenhouse in the college.
"This is not an ordinary vine;
"This is an incredible vine," he said, snapping,engine-
The red flowers are in their hands.
Lenanton allows commercial growers to trim grapes that bloom every year
To help the public learn more about it.
"It is now entering the field of trade," he said . ".
Lenanton and the students also planted a new hybrid variety from Denmark, called the daisy angle, as well as other hard hybrid varieties. to-
Find some plants, such as verbena, New Guinea hybrid Phoenix Flowers, orange clock vines, and a trailing, perennial dwarf, which is only four years old in the United States.
Lenanton has about 7,000 individual plants in charge of spring plant sales.
Lenanton, the host of 1976 public television show home gardener, suggested spring --
Inspire novices to travel around before going to the nursery.
More than a quarter later
Lenanton said he understood why the arrival of spring attracted so little attention.
"Back in the UK, to compensate for those dull, wet, cold months, the spring is coming, and everyone has a fever in the spring, and they have been holding gardening hammers and pliers for months, until they can't do it again. "
"The same thing happened in the east.
Where the climate is worse, when there is a possibility of going to the garden during the year, everyone wants to go to the garden.
This is something that many people don't even think.
"We can't see spring sometimes," he said . "
"But spring is coming. . .
Things have changed.
I feel the rain is over in winter.
There is indeed something in the old expression of taking the time to stop and smell the flowers.
Working all day in that office building, if you can go back to a pleasant place in the garden, it's really enjoyable.
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