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enjoy scenic ooty in vista dome coaches, made in tiruchi - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
enjoy scenic ooty in vista dome coaches, made in tiruchi  -  polycarbonate material
For the first time, the Jinyan railway workshop renovated two regular buses of the niergiri Mountain Railway (NMR)
Vista dome facilities are available.
Two metre-rail buses also offer a range of other facilities, starting a major overhaul a month ago, allowing passengers traveling in lush hills to travel at 46-
The range of kilometers from Mettupalayam to Udhagamandalam.
One of the two refurbished carriages was in the air.
If conditions permit, there will be recliner chairs.
In addition to the regular traction coach's steam locomotive, the NMR coach was sent to the Jinyan workshop for regular maintenance.
Workshop director P. N.
Jha said, "While improvements have been made in the past in the NMR coaching, this is the first time that vista dome facilities have been provided.
"The transparent roof is made of polycarbonate material, and passengers can enjoy the sky from their seats when traveling in the NMR part of the World Heritage status.
"The two refurbished coaches will also be equipped with LED lights and better floors.
There are beautiful vinyl packages inside and outside, and it looks bright and stylish . "Jha said.
Each coach is 13 metres long and can take 46 seats.
A generator will be provided in the luggage cart with stainless steel floors to power two AC units in the refurbished passenger car.
On Friday, Ministry of Railways Minister Piyush Goyal dedicated two vista Dome buses to the country through a video conference in New Delhi.
The coach is expected to be sent to the NMR Department soon. The over 80-year-
The old workshop renovated more than 10 NMR coaches this fiscal year.
It also overhauled the steam locomotives in the NMR part.
The overhaul of the second steam locomotive is in progress and is expected to be shipped by this monthend.
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