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entrepreneur takes on plastic packaging - food packaging film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
entrepreneur takes on plastic packaging  -  food packaging film
Banana leaves have long been used as a natural substitute for food packaging in India.
These leaves are cheap to buy, waterproof, glossy, and degrade quickly when binding.
Inspired by this low simplicity
Entrepreneur Jaydeep Korde decides to launch a cost alternative to plastic and polystyrene next time
Valueform, a generation packaging company, makes disposable packaging with discarded rice and wheat straw.
Launched in 2003, Korde spent seven years developing a process that could convert any grain waste into packaging.
"The straw is renewable every year, which makes it a more sustainable raw material than paper," he explains . ".
Other natural alternatives and bioplastics, such as corn starch packaging, must compete for raw materials with food producers and biofuel manufacturers.
The decline in global newspaper sales has also caused a shortage of recycled paper products.
Korde says this creates a growing niche for eco-friendly paper alternatives: "recycled paper has become an expensive commodity.
In terms of trends, this is just one direction.
"Plastic bag tax will cost shoppers £ 5 a year" supermarkets "still use too much packaging" and millions of people are trying to open up modern packaging
To take advantage of the downtime of the paper mill, Korde designed his new technology to be compatible with existing machines.
"What we're talking about is not building shiny new factories, but transforming existing ones into straw," he said . ".
Valueform in cooperation with Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), a not-for-
A profitable organization funded by the government's technical strategy committee aims to build an intelligent supply chain.
"KTN helps us determine who is working in a similar space so that we can focus our resources and let us focus on finding customers," Korde said . ".
According to Korde, Valueform is currently signing agreements with some major supermarkets.
"We hope to put our products on shelves by the end of this year," he said . ".
"Polystyrene products like pizza discs will be 100 pc waste straw.
To target large retailers, processing costs remain low.
"We have to make sure that our products are commercially viable," he explained . ".
"Supermarkets are being driven economically, so the solution has to be fairly or less priced.
Just because it's friendly to the environment, it can't be more expensive than 10 PCs.
"The food retail packaging industry is worth £ 70 a year, and Korde also intends to sell his straw alternatives to other industries.
Valueform has now signed a contract with the NHS to provide disposable products such as potty and sick bowls to hospitals in Hampshire.
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