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essay; for balloonists, innovation and daring. but success? - metalized plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
essay; for balloonists, innovation and daring. but success?  -  metalized plastic
If you are not successful at the beginning, try it and try again. . . .
But what if you can't achieve your goal at all? Take the three-minute mile. Dr.
On 1954, Roger Bannister, a British neurologist, ran a mile in less than four minutes, which confused experts and announced that he was physically
The absolute rules enacted by human restrictions will always stop the running of three people. One mile a minute, doctor.
Bannister believes that all attempts in the world will not change things.
Similarly, engineers have calculated that even if space travelers successfully reach stars outside the sun one day, they will never be able to reach galaxies outside the Milky Way.
The indomitable reality seems to rule out this kind of travel.
From a more gentle point of view, it starts to seem and is unlikely to complete an uninterrupted balloon trip around the world.
Last week, the latest global balloon season ended with a frustrating defeat, and the crew of the British Virgin global challenger gave up this year's race, the last of the five balloons this year.
One of the balloons in the advertising competition, the Swiss Breitling Orbiter 2, created a new endurance record by staying in the air for at least 9 days, 17 hours and 55 minutes ---
Even longer than the 9 and 4 minutes that Richard Rutan and jayana Yeager kept flying around the world on 1986.
Advertising but uncooperative aircraft
The winds, technical flaws, driving mistakes, shortage of funds and the refusal of several countries, including China, to give permission to fly over are all the reasons for the plot to defeat all the balloon riders tried this year. (The round-the-
From December to February, the world hot air balloon season is limited by the wind mode. )
For more than a century, balloon enthusiasts have been trying to keep around the world, and their record is frustrating.
There have been at least 22 attempts since 1873, not even one close.
Two balloons disappeared, one exploded in the air, five balloons were killed and several injured;
This year alone, two peoplebe round-the-
The staff were seriously injured.
There has been no shortage of ingenuity and innovation over the years, although the basic buoyancy system adopted by all competitors in this year's attempt was invented two centuries ago by a young French physicist, Jean-
Francois pilatel de Roze
A more beautiful balloon is a light gas (
Hydrogen or helium)and hot air.
In addition to the fact that Rozier himself was killed on 1785 flight (
So won the honor of being the first person to die in an air accident)
The Rozier system worked quite well in later avatars.
Must-Have ballast for all lightersthan-
Flying in the air, from lead bombs, sand or water to bismouth bombs, empty fuel tanks, and even compressed air.
Larry Newman tried to travel around the world in 1980s and 1990s, but did not succeed. he led the Earth wind balloon with a compressed balloon. air-
Give them a unique ballast "anchor" balloon in the shape of an hourglass.
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Other innovations include reflective sunlight and metal plastic film that reduces overheating of gas, automatic pilots who can maintain balloon height while pilots sleep, worldwide
Locate the satellite navigation system and the pressurized cabin.
The first pressurized balloon basket was built in 1931 and flew 51,774 feet high in August.
Breitling capsules are also pressurized.
But the temptation for a long time
The relationship between distance expansion and technology is smaller than that with adventure.
On 1844, Edgar Ellen Poe fascinated readers of The New York Sun with his gripping narrative ---
A complete scam-
A balloon ride across the Atlantic Ocean.
In fact, none of the balloon enthusiasts successfully crossed the Atlantic until 1978, but Poe's "news" and later retractions sold the newspaper.
The ad may be low-tech, high-
In 1982, Larry Walters in North Hollywood, California, took a huge risk.
Truck driver, 45 helium-
The lawn chair was filled with balloons and took off.
After climbing 16,000 feet, he popped some balloons with a BB gun and dropped safely.
Every failed attempt to surround the world puts a balloon man in darkness, but hope is eternal, and there is nothing more to restore the confirmed "helium head" belief than a short break, that is, it is possible to travel around the world without interruption.
Steve Fawcett, an American commodity broker with a world balloon distance record (10,360 miles)
Try again this year, only from St.
Louis to Krasnodar, Russia
After landing, he told the interviewer, tired and cold, that he no longer believed there was an unpressurized capsule balloon like him that could travel the world.
But he had changed his mind by last week.
Set a new speed record (
59 hours 53 minutes)for cross-
Country skiing from Aspen to coloville. , Mr.
Fawcett said last week that he was wrong: "It is possible to travel around the world in unpressurized capsules, and the chances of success next year will be greater than ever.
He may or may not be right.
For this reason, scientists may one day find a way to conquer death.
But the greatness of the human spirit is not so much success as raising a fist to the impossible.
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Innovation and boldness for balloon people. But Success? .
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