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esther anuhya: inadequate cctvs hamper probe into techie's murder | mumbai news - times of india - clear pvc film

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
esther anuhya:  inadequate cctvs hamper probe into techie\'s murder | mumbai news - times of india  -  clear pvc film
The poor functioning and quality CCTV cameras created obstacles in the murder investigation of tecesther hya. The 23-year-
On January 16, Kanjurmarg, near the eastern highway, found partially burnt and rotten bodies of old software engineers
Twelve days after she disappeared.
Esther drove south from visacapat.
At around five o'clock A. M. on January 5, LTT Express at the terminal of Lokmanya Tilak.
City police inspected three cameras covering the LTT platform area and the exit.
A senior crime department official said, "one camera is not working and the other does not pay attention to the area where the deceased is coming from the train and the footage of the third camera, it is not clear which one managed to catch her.
"Police are trying to investigate a series of incidents that could have occurred after she arrived at LTT, and they are looking at the lenses of other cameras for clues.
The police found condoms and beer bottles where her body was found, except for some PVC film labels, such as those on chemical containers.
A chemical was used to ignite her body to cover up the stench, police said.
They are investigating whether the items are related to the case.
Police suspect Esther waited around the station for about an hour and are verifying her call records and details of the person she communicated with before she was killed.
"After reporting the incident to them, the government police asked the suspicious driver at LTT.
"After recent developments, we are questioning them again," an official said . ".
Meanwhile, with the bodies found within their jurisdiction, Kurla rp has handed the case over to the kanjumargg police station.
Esther, from Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh, boarded the train to Mumbai on January 4.
She travels with a college friend who is currently a student of IIM in Kolkata.
On Friday, Kula railway police questioned him and dropped him off.
Police suspect more than one person may have been involved in the crime.
At the moment, they are grilling at the touts, autorickshaw and taxi drivers at LTT, and they serve the passengers on that decisive day.
A source said she may be killed within hours of arriving at LTT.
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