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experience power trust polyester film - mylar transparency film

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
experience power trust polyester film  -  mylar transparency film
Take a handbag or a solid building structure for example, plastic is everywhere.
Therefore, it fits in with the footsteps of many available materials and you cannot ignore the importance of plastic in your daily life.
Polyester is one of the alternatives to paint.
These film coatings are used to increase the life of any fragile material or beautify different display objects.
Historical double axis
Directional pet (boPET)
Is the first of its kind.
It was developed to meet the growing need to incorporate better chemical and physical properties.
It includes the high tensile strength of the replacement steel, the dimensional stability of the replacement steel and wood, the transparency increases the good appearance, the gas and aromatic barrier properties, and the electrical insulation is other high-demanding properties.
The BoPET film was developed in the 1950 s;
DuPont and Imperial Chemical Industry (ICI)
There are two companies behind this great adventure.
The most popular trade names for polyester are pulled film and manilex film.
It usually refers to polyester film and plastic film.
It is a registered trademark of the specific plastic family owned by DuPont Tejjin film. Types 1. Plain 2. Anti-static 3.
Bonding treatment 4. Metalized 5.
In different finishes, such as transparent, white, low, medium to high, foggy black, etc. , Mylar plates with barrier coating can be found.
The thickness of the Mylar sheet varies from 0005 "or 12 um. 014" or 350 um. Applications 1.
It enhances the performance of the glass.
Overlapping sheets can usually prevent ultraviolet rays and harmful radiation.
It can be found in a variety of colors, which adds to its lucrative value. 2.
Both LCD TV and plasma TV have polyester diffusion coating.
They are also known as anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings. 3.
It is used in the medical industry for X-ray film and other medical strips. 4.
The packaging can be done easily and provide a more profitable way to show. 5.
Debit cards, credit cards and more ID cards can be made for life by using this coating on them. 6.
It can realize the printing of films such as photography, copying, digital printing.
Therefore, it is concluded that this is the gospel of humanity.
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