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extrusion. - polycarbonate sheet uses

by:Cailong     2019-08-22
extrusion.  -  polycarbonate sheet uses
Among many extrusion exhibits, NPE is "Tool Time ".
Innovative designs have been introduced by suppliers of blow film, Fiat sheet and pipe mold (
Some of them were reported in our June, July and issues).
In addition, extruder, control and measurement systems are introduced at the exhibition
Including a system designed for Internet communication.
The new pancake mold for the "universal" film mold coex blowing film is said to be "not affected by the flow", which means that it applies to almost all resins regardless of the flow properties of the resin.
In addition, the regular division (Redi)
Died at Addex.
Boston, new processes
Promote high flow channel design while reducing internal pressure.
Results, patent-
The mold to be processed can be made into a mold with a diameter of more than 15. , Addex says. This side-
Fed chips split the flow rate of each polymer into three times, resulting in eight flows being reassembled before the material exits the mold.
The only thing is that the diversion of each resin is stacked vertically, not on a horizontal plane.
It is reported that this new arrangement helps to minimize the separation force between mold plates.
Pancakes are made up of distribution rings inside the feed ring, rather than stacking each distribution ring on the top of the feed ring.
Rick von Kraus, president of Addex, said that in general, the polymer passes through fewer channels than traditional pancake molds, so there are fewer opportunities for polymer degradation.
Addex says it avoids the need to optimize the flow channel of a specific material through a unique diverter board that divides each polymer flow into the upper and lower halves.
Each half of the flow is subject to intermediate restrictions, dividing the flow into high and low.
Then combine the different traffic from the top and bottom, so that the high traffic from the top can meet the low traffic from the bottom, and vice versa.
Regardless of the material, the result is considered a uniform film gauge.
Addex has tested the mold with llldpe and dlp and started using metallocene resin.
The company is expected to launch a Redi device next year.
For additional cooling on the frost line for better bubble cooling, a New stacked air ring called Robert's Stack is offered as an alternative to internal bubble cooling.
From the future design company. Brampton, Ontario.
Each air ring has an adjustable gap and its own Blower.
The future design also introduces a bubble shell made of a transparent polycarbonate plate that can protect bubbles from ambient air temperature or "shadow heat.
New HLDK 2/300 double
Lips air ring of Kiefel Inc.
Wrentham quality.
, Increase the air volume on the bubble, help to stabilize the bubble, improve the pass rate, reduce the change of the instrument.
The new flat model better adjusts the era R-
Series molds, the first flat die from Cloeren Co
Orange, Texas, has a new qualifier.
It is reported that bar adjustment technology to eliminate leakage.
Cloeren says there is usually a gap in the die head of the throttle
The adjustment device can weaken the integrity of the mold.
Cloeren eliminates the need for two unique gaps
Component qualifier-
The bar system, part of the bar, enters the mold at 45 [degrees]
Inside the mold, tilt and push the fixed limit bar to clarify the pre-tightening.
Cloeren also updated its automatic mold
Lip Tune technology with version 5.
1 Using the new system, shorten the bolt adjustment time from the usual around 7 minutes to less than 2 minutes.
Cloeren achieves better thermal isolation of the regulating mechanism in two ways
The rod system, the heated rod pushes the second rod to adjust the mold lip.
In addition, the translation and heating rods are now installed further away from the lips.
The enhanced measurement system of the Internet-based extruder Fiat Net provides new Internet communication capabilities. The Pro.
Network Systems from Irwindale NDC Systems, California
Up to six scan frames can be controlled (
Compared to four in previous systems)
There are 18 sensors in each extrusion line. The 21-in.
The touch screen has a new zoom feature that allows you to observe more details of the rolling profile section.
In addition, the new is a 3D defect map of a volume to help split.
You can rotate the view and set the slice point with your finger.
The most unusual thing is the internet compatibility of the system. Pro.
Net is an "open" system based on Windows NT, TCP/IP network and Java programming language.
The Internet can be used for remote setup and troubleshoot, viewing multiple production lines from a single location, sending and receiving emails
Mail and access to and from the process line-Help with online video.
With the help of micro cameras, line operators can hold video meetings with process engineers or service technicians from NDC in another location.
The system will be commercially available in January.
The price of upgrading to existing NDC 25,000 and 6000 systems will start at about $8000.
Optical detection system is a relatively new method for high
High quality web products have been adapted from the paper industry for flat film and extrusion coatings.
Part of Honeywell's MXOpen product line-
Measure in Cupertino, California
The optical detection system uses a CCD camera to identify defects in dust particles, dirt, gels, insects, or holes.
The unit has a 10-kHz scan time.
Any off-data can be usedthe-
For example, the Windows NT system generates a shelf graphical interface for the defect map.
Depending on the length of the network and the size of the particles to be detected, the price ranges from about $100,000 to $500,000.
The faster tube mold changed the new tube mold head from the United States of Raleigh, Columbia, Maryland
, Designed to convert the time from 2-
3 hours down to less than 30 minutes.
Rollepaal has also introduced a new multi-layer pipe head designed to handle up to 80% of recycled resin at a speed of 2200/hour.
Bellows tube sheet for new system, dual-or triple-
Wall tube of size 50mm I. D. to 270 mm O. D.
Can be produced at speeds up to 78 ft/min on the new HD-
250/38 from Drossbach corrugated Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Moved from Guelph to Cambridge, Ontario. , last month. (Triple-
Special cross head mold is required for wall pipe. )
This machine has an improved cooling system and a new fastmold-
Ability to change.
The pipeline wall scanner, the first new RRS pipeline measurement device from Rollepaal, USA, is the company's first rotary ultrasonic sensor.
They contain two rotating sensors at 180 [degrees]apart.
The scanner can be placed directly after the die head, not after the cooling tank, providing closed
Loop Control with response time less than 1 minute.
There are three types of pipe diameter. of 20-500 mm.
A new pipe extruder operating metal PE Medical pipe Harrel Inc.
East Norwalk, Kang en
Optimized for Metallocene olefin. A special low-
The shear screw is accompanied by a new tool design that does not allow the material to stick to it.
The production line can manufacture raised tubes and produce output rates similar to those usually obtained with low density polyethylene. LOW-
Cost Weight control system is the first system of Maguire products, Media, Pa.
For weight extrusion yield control, it is said that it is simpler than other products on the market, and the cost is half of the market. It's a batch-
Type system consisting of a touch screen PC and proprietary software to communicate with Maguire weigh-
Scale mixer control.
The driver on each extruder in the system is cut to its mixer controller, which adjusts the screw speed.
The PC can also control the takeoff speed by using the shaft encoder.
The software cost of the system is about $4000, and the cost of Pentium is about $2000.
Computer-based enhanced extrusion control MACO 5000 ez is an enhanced version of Barber-'s MACO 5000 extrusion controllerColman Co.
Department of Industrial Instruments.
I am sick. I like the park.
It is equipped with two new analog cards for melting
Temperature and melting
Pressure Control (
The latter works by adjusting the screw speed)
, Plus a digital drive interface and additional pre-loading software for functions such as SPC charts and temperature slopes and soaking functions.
Automatic hot start-
Up does not require operator participation.
Pre-defined screen and sequence logic can be edited using PC
Compatible software.
The "custom" version includes the new high-
Density simulation I/O card designed for increasing temperature-
Control ability of blowing film operation.
5000 ez system available to any BarberColman's fiat-panel displays.
The price is around $15,000.
Although 5000 ez is 12-
Slot system, it's in the lowercost nine-slot version (Custom 50EZ)
And an advanced model (5500EZ)with 16 slots.
The screw provides additional mixing the new Double Eagle mixing screw for extrusion contains the two eagle mixing parts used on Westland Corp. injection screwsWichita, Kans.
According to President Martin Davis, the new screws are more dispersed than the dispensing mix and are more shear than the injection molding version.
It can be tailored for any resin.
He foreseen the use of profiles and tubes.
New MN series air for small extruder production line-or water-Cooling with slots-
Feed extruder from Merritt Davis, Hamden, Conn.
, Available in 0. 75 in. , 1 in. , and 1. 25 in. diam. (all 24:1 L/D)
Mounted on a floor model or base for use as a co-extruder.
The Hopper is adjustable to maintain vertical when the extruder is tilted.
AC vector drive in all units, water-
The jacket feed port and the hinged mold bracket can be replaced quickly.
Processing rate running 10-70 lb/hr.
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