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eyes and ears. - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-23
eyes and ears.  -  polycarbonate lenses
Local gun shops and sporting goods stores are a gathering place for all kinds of shooting enthusiasts.
In almost all shops and shops, a few people are fixed, regardless of size.
The first person known as "Scar Face" is in his fifties.
When he was testing the shot, an old gun exploded and he got his name.
His right eye was invisible, and there was a scar from his hair line to his chin --
He was lucky to survive.
He also did not wear a pair of shooting glasses.
The second one called Whaddja?
It's an old gentleman.
He only heard one of ten words because when he was at the range he refused to wear any kind of hearing protection device
Never and never.
So he has some hearing loss that he does not admit.
Even if you can get him to admit his loss, you will never convince him that this is the result of shooting without earplugs or earmuffs.
Fortunately, this one
Moded, macho's attitude is to not protect your eyes at distance, which is like a dinosaur.
Safety is important for today's shooters.
Of course, there are stubborn elements who will never believe that it is wise to protect the eyes and ears.
But you don't see as much as you did before.
"Scarf" and "Whaddja said" set a good example of what not to do on the shooting field.
Modern dayshooters are embracing the idea of protecting the eyes and ears.
They realize that they will only get a set of eyes and ears, and it is up to them to protect these organs.
This change in attitude towards eye and ear protection is a recent phenomenon --
Good for both shooters and retailers
MikeOchoa, Assistant product line manager at Bushnell, noted, "Mostranges now need devices that protect the eyes and ears.
These demands have forced the shooter to buy seriously the shooting glasses and ear protection supplies.
A spokesman for Bausch & Lomb agreed, "With the improvement of safety participation in sports, rules and regulations of the shooting association and hunter safety programs, shooting glasses are considered to be the best protection against eye hazards.
E. Gary Gordon, PresidentA. R. Inc.
He himself observed the trend of using protective hearing equipment.
"The shooting instructors, range masters and gun club owners have forced hearing protection, especially those who are on the shooting line.
"Smart retailers can take advantage of the increased concerns of protection devices.
For example, if they don't already know, it's a cumulative process to let your customers know that hearing loss caused by noise.
It will get up slowly, so the shooter will never know it will get bigger and bigger.
It is likely that your customers will know that the damage to the eyes is sudden, catastrophic, not slow.
However, it is worthwhile to master this knowledge and provide it to your customers for free. By being well-
Understand the harm of behavior without eye or ear protection and provide enough supply for both, you provide services that are not available to mass merchants.
At the same time promote the sales of earplugs, ear valves, ear covers and shooting glasses!
While your customers may realize how important it is to protect their eyes and ears, they may not know which protection is the best for them.
That's how you came in.
Shooting glasses and ear guards can be your high edge items (30-50%)
And must prepare items for your customers.
If you don't carry a full set of eye and ear protection devices, you are deceiving yourself and your customers.
As long as you know something about how these devices work and show your customers how to choose the right device, you will see an increase in sales in this area.
As a residential specialist, your customers will rely on you and they will come back to you again and again for the shooting needs.
For example, you should sell protective devices every time you sell a gun.
In fact, you'll get a bigger profit from selling shot glasses, earbuds or earmuffs than you get from guns.
At the very least, ask if your client already has them.
If he doesn't, point out why the shooter's eye and ear protection device is as important as the gun itself.
Any customer who walks into your store is a candidate for headphones or glasses.
Even if they already have this device, your knowledge of the latest device can make it easy for them to upgrade.
Generally speaking, the ear guard has three kinds of earplugs, ear valves and ear covers.
Choosing the right one is just where your client is shooting and how.
It is especially important to know your customers because you can point them out the ear protection that best suits their needs.
Earplugs are perfect for people who go to the local area to shoot a few rounds.
They filled their ears with all the incoming noise.
Foam earbuds are available in most ranges, so you may be dealing with higher level plugs for your customers like those provided by Silencio, E. A. R.
Cabot, Horps and others. Insta-Mold from E. A. R. Inc. is a step-
From ordinary earplugs.
Each silicone plug is customized
Canaland installed on the personal ear completely blocks all the noise.
Although this is a good device, not everyone can use it.
The competitive shooter needs to hear orders from rangeofficer and block the gunshots.
The answer to his question is the ear valve.
Although they look like earbuds on the surface, they are already built in-
In the baffle, like Sonic 11 from the northern consumer goods company, the sound of gun launches is filtered out, but commands are allowed to be heard.
Some earmuffs manufacturers have incorporated the valve concept into their equipment.
Rangesafe RSX in cirenccio-
For example, 85 is enlarged low
Horizontal sounds like commands and conversations, but filter out the sound of the fired gun.
Both the shooter and the manufacturer, as well as Bilsom and E. , accepted the idea. A. R.
Cabot also offers similar products.
When it comes to choosing a set of shooting glasses, your brand of personal attention to your customers is very prominent.
You are in the right position about the right color.
The wrong color can cause eye fatigue and eventually lead to severe eye damage.
Green and gray are usually sorted together.
They are beautifully cut and within the visual field of the human eye.
Amber and yellow, like parsamier's pro.
The line, a contrast booster, is ideal for shooting in the field in dim, dim, overcast and indoor conditions.
Don't use them in the bright sun, though.
Vermilion enhances detail and depth perception by increasing color contrast and brightening fluorescent colors in the red/orange series.
These are perfect trap shooters but should not be worn for a long time.
Clear glasses, such as Silencio's SVS shooting glasses or all peripheral products of consumer goods in the north, meet the need for eye safety and have no effect on color or light intensity.
They are correct for indoor shooting or home modifications.
Bushnell's Ochoa believes that the trend of replaceable lenses is increasing in shooting glasses, "the current trend of shooting glasses is to use replaceable lenses.
These glasses allow the shooter to chase a pair of glasses and change the lens to the color required by the shooting conditions instead of having several pairs.
"Chimere recognizes the need for dedicated shooting enthusiasts to face changing conditions by introducing a quick replacement shot glasses with four replaceable lenses ranging from bronze to yellow to purple to vermillion.
Almost any lighting situation that the shooter will encounter.
Oakley also offers blade lines with gray, bronze, transparent, yellow, rust, or irrigation with an interchanged polycarbonate lens.
Tasco, who has been supplying glasses for a long time, has its 1200 series.
Light Weight (1-oz. )
There are five lens colors;
Amber, vermilion, yellow, smoke and transparency, they are also made of tough polycarbonate.
The increasing demand for protective glasses by shooters has prompted manufacturers to improve the comfort of shooting glasses.
Bushnell, for example, provides PolyguardShooting glasses on the legs of the German cable mirror.
This is a specially treated wire that enhances the fit of the glasses, especially at the back of the ear.
Chimere holds the temples of the ears with gentle pressure.
There are three Tasco.
Nylon temple with flexible location, one-
Silicone nose pad and foam eyebrow rod.
The Olympics put the wires in a ball instead of an original cut and slid the tubes in place to buffer the ear.
Simmons is coated with vinyl on the wire, so there is no unprocessed end.
The Oakley Leaf line is equipped with a graphite frame, a nasal nail, and a straight or curved ear stem.
It makes sense to stock high-end and low-end shooting glasses.
For example, the sports glasses of the hobpe have polycarbonate lenses and have their own hard plastic case.
The marksman product also has a model of high impact and scratch resistance, and the protection side plate is mounted directly on the rod.
The shooter's glasses are of two sizes: a man and a young man.
These two can meet the low-end needs of anyone.
The frequency of shooting glasses and ear guards is higher than ever before.
If you are smart enough, you will find yourself in the right place at the right time and have enough expertise to advise your customers to make the most informed choices.
Photo: Tasco's 1200 series is lightweight and has five lens colors to choose from. PHOTO : E-A-
R two latest products for shooting enthusiasts: Ultra [TM]
9000 noise activated earbuds and UltraFit pre-formed earbuds picture: the POP display of Silencio gives consumers the option to plug or mute or both.
Photo: The thin line of glasses in simmons is made of vinyl-
The comfort of the Gunners at Coatedbows.
There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from.
Photo: sports landscape in BushnellTM]
Shooting glasses are the athlete's favorite for a hundred years. PHOTO : E-A-R Insta-
The mold provides customized comfort and protection.
Photo: Pachmayr offers glasses in several colors and protective housing including padding.
Photo: Oakley's blade has an exchange of polycarbon compounds in gray, bronze, transparent, yellow, rust, or iridium gold.
The bow can also be exchanged in several colors.
Photo: North offers a "hearing case piece" for buyers that puts plugs, valves and muffs in one package.
Picture: The multi-function performance of Bilsom makes listening protection convenient [R]plugs.
Photo: The sports glasses of hoppes are very highquality, low-
Costitems that make eye protection affordable for all.
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