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faa fury over flame test - metalized mylar film

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
faa fury over flame test  -  metalized mylar film
A senior Federal Aviation Administration official said on Thursday that insulation materials for nearly 700 commercial aircraft will have to be replaced in the next four years because it has seriously failed to pass the upcoming flame retardant test.
However, the proposed irec will not require the full insulation replacement discussed by the agency as early as October, just after a Swiss Airways aircraft crashed in Nova Scotia after a smoke report in the cockpit
S. FAA officials say the agency has abandoned the program, under which it will order the replacement of insulation materials for almost every American citizenS.
Because recent research has shown that most of the existing insulation has passed the new flame test, or just barely passed the test.
On the contrary, more limited orders will apply to approximately $700S.
Aircraft made by former Macdonald Douglas
Boeing currently owns the company.
They include MD-80, MD-88, MD-90, DC-10 and the MD-
11. this was the Swissair plane that crashed on last September, killing all 229 people on board.
According to the proposed order, Google Cloud service outage missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris and the airline will have four years to replace all of them with products tested through the New Flame
Order will take effect after 45-
The date and time of the revision.
The affected airlines are mainly American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines and TWA airlines, although Alaska Airlines, FedEx, Renault Airlines and American Airlines are both
In 1997, McDonald Douglas told the airline that they should consider replacing the metallized Mela insulation as it could be flammable.
Insulation is used on the aircraft to keep passengers warm and to suppress the rush of air and noise from the engine.
It is often installed on the sheets, just like the insulation in the attic.
Since the crash of Swiss airways, experiments conducted by the US Federal Aviation Administration have confirmed meddle and Boeing's concerns about metallized Mela.
"Testing is not just a failure;
Beth Eriksson, director of aircraft certification services at the FAA, said in an interview: "It has largely failed . ".
"If there's a low
A horizontal ignition source like [electrical]
It will catch fire.
"While some other materials have not passed the new test," they missed the test at a narrower margin.
Therefore, they will not pose a threat to security . "
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