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Family of boy who drowned in pit latrine may appeal judgment - corrugated sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-10
Family of boy who drowned in pit latrine may appeal judgment  -  corrugated sheet
On 2014, a young boy drowned in the toilet and his family could appeal against the high court's decision to dismiss their claim against the education sector in Limpopo. Non-
Section 27 of the government organization also serves as a lawyer for the Komap family, saying on Twitter today that it is working on the verdict and will be subject to "full family guidance" to find out what they want.
"We hope we can appeal.
"On Monday morning, the High Court of Limpopo in pollovaney rejected the family's constitutional claim for compensation for the death of their son, Michael Komap.
When he was five years old, he drowned in a pit toilet at Mahlodumela Primary School in chiben village near Seigo.
It is reported that the family hopes to receive more than R2 million special and constitutional damages, funeral expenses and loss of income for Michael's mother, Rosina Komap, she lost her job as a domestic worker shortly after her son died.
Justice Gerrit Muller ordered the payment of general medical expenses for the two brothers and sisters of comapé.
"The defendant, in the case of the full final settlement of all claims, made an offer with a total amount of R450 000.
Judgment has been rendered on claims C, D and E [
For medical expenses and loss of income
This was resolved in the trial of R135 373, "Mueller said in the judgment.
He also ordered a structural interception of toilets in rural schools in the province to supply and install safe toilets.
"A structural injunction in the public interest will be granted, not a constitutional damages claim B.
The plaintiff was basically successful.
The expense order against the plaintiff would not promote progress in constitutional justice, because it was also intended to uphold the rights of a large number of children in the province, "Mueller said.
It was not until July 30 that the limbo Ministry of Education submitted a plan to the court on how to do this.
But in January 2014, Limbo's Ministry of Education promised that by the end of that year it would clear all the pit toilets in the school.
It was only Michael's fourth day at school.
He is using one of four door-less corrugated board structures available to students.
It is believed that the seat with serious corrosion collapsed.
At the time, Phuti Seloba, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education, said that the Ministry of Education was "aware of the risks we put our communities at, and therefore, action was taken to eradicate pit toilets ".
He added: "This sanitation facility should not be accepted by any school in March 31-2014 is the end of the linbobopit toilet.
According to him, the ministry has allocated R400 GBP to provide water and sanitation facilities for schools, and 868 toilets will be provided to schools by the end of the fiscal year.
In a strongly worded statement last month, another
The government organization "equal education" attacked the minister of basic education, Angie Motshekga, for her dismissal.
"If South Africans believe in the 'New Day' Of President Cyril ramafusa, then the government must comply with the deadline set by the school infrastructure law and its provisions," it said ,", refers to the regulations related to the minimum uniform norms and standards for school infrastructure.
"In 2018, it was outrageous that there was still a need to audit the health status of our school. . .
The law clearly states that ordinary pit toilets are not allowed in schools.
The death of Komap, speaking of equal education, was not enough to prompt minister musheka and MECs to take action.
"Instead of conducting toilet audits at that time and properly preparing for the deadline for compliance with the code and Standards Act, the infrastructure report issued by the educational institution clearly stated, the time limit set by law will not be met. . .
Minister Motshekga did not commit to holding the provincial education sector accountable, but instead spent public money defending the provisions in the law, which saw the deadline for infrastructure as a mere wish.
"Minister Motshekga and the Ministry of Education of Limpopo also used state funds to drag the Komape family into a long legal struggle where they were given weeks before the start of the trial
When the case arrived at the court, the state's lawyers accused kom ape of trying to make money from their child's terrible death at school and asked the court to order the Komap family to pay the state's legal fees.
"Nevertheless, President Cyril ramafusa had to call on Minister musheka to develop a plan to fix school hygiene before she took action. ”
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