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Family thanks firefighters for saving their dog - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
Family thanks firefighters for saving their dog  -  polycarbonate
When the San Antonio firefighters first met Opie, he was unconscious and barely breathing.
They reacted to a fire.
20 Flower Road 2700 on the north side.
After searching in smoke
They found out there was no home, but the fireman found a 4-month-
One bedroom, sucked in by smoke.
After Martinez and his fellow firefighters held the dog outside and lay on the grass, they immediately set out to save Opie. Lt.
Oxygen and pet oxygen masks are required.
Have a touchand-
Please walk away when the mask cannot fit comfortably on the pet's nose.
The team improvise and cut the airbag in half to make it fit.
"It's a hard thing to try," said Paramedicsaid . ".
"Whether it's human beings or pets, this is what we train to do.
This is a family member for us.
We do what our training teaches us to do.
"Once the mask is in place, firefighters
Help other firefighters as she provides high flow of oxygen and beats Opie on the back to get the dog to cough and clear the lungs.
Garcia started an intravenous injection behind the dog's right front paw.
After 25 minutes of CPR, Opie moved his limbs.
A few minutes after his master arrived, Opie rubbed his nose on Solinski's leg.
The animals distributed special pet masks to them as part of their first responder bag on the fire truck.
This polyester mask is designed for a variety of creatures such as birds, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.
According to wagn O2 Fur Life estimates, it is estimated that there are at least one pet oxygen mask kit in 6,000 fire departments and 1,000 units.
Last week, Opie's owner and several family members stopped at 2,515,000 Oaks to thank the firemen for saving her dog's life. The gray-
Found that the puppy took his belt and walked to the firefighters who saved his life.
"The way they take care of her is a blessing," Aguayo said during a visit to the fire station on October. 2. .
Firefighters await the arrival of Opie, October.
2. Martinez recalled that when the big and fat puppy stood up, the dog had little success and how excited they were.
"Somehow, we are happy to help," Martinez said . ".
A group of residents paid for aguaros's vet, Mr. sorinsky said.
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