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fantasy crown - styrene sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
fantasy crown  -  styrene sheets
Here is an easy way to make fake metal props that are cheap, not easy to bend and crease.
I 've heard that styrene sheets are good material for clothing armor and weapons, so I 'd like to give it a try.
This is a common method for cosplay fashion designers.
Most of my research took me to the pictorial of the purple crystal angel, which gave a more detailed introduction to more specific and complex props construction.
Here I briefly introduce some of the basics of this technology.
Tools: PencilScissorsPaintbrushHot glue gunMaterials: Styrene sheet type
Most people recommend it.
20 "thickness for flexible operation.
Smaller panels can be found in hobby shops, but for larger paper you have to shop online. Acrylic paint -
Gold, silver, black (
Or any other color you want to include).
Black for weathering. Paper -
To plan your cut, I first planned the design of the Crown on paper to make sure everything was symmetrical and well combined.
Since I am using the smaller polystyrene panels that I found in hobby stores, my design is made of a few smaller parts that will be assembled in duplicate patterns
When I was satisfied with the shape of things, I traced the design back to the stylings and cut them off.
It looks decent when everything is assembled.
At this point, the crown can be bent into a ring with plastic elasticity.
It still looks a bit weird and flat so I decided to try a little styling.
I put the crown piece on a curved surface, a large cardboard tube, softened the plastic with a hot gun and pressed it into a curve.
It turned out to be a more difficult step than I expected.
Instead of gradually becoming plastic as I thought, the styrene suddenly became lame and curled when I pulled the hot gun too close.
In the end, I avoided my mistake and got something decent.
I assembled the crown and fixed everything in place with hot glue.
At this point I was able to see how the finished product would work and make adjustments accordingly.
The thin plastic part on the back is too fragile to bend and swing when the top moves (
It should be used more as props than clothing)
So I added a circle of corrugated cardboard to support it.
If I had time, I might have invested in a more beautiful building material, or added some hanger lines to keep things stiff, but the cardboard had to be done in a short time.
I wanted to add some sort of raised pattern and fake rivets to the Crown, so I decided to use hot glue (
This is a trick I learned from Angels)
Before painting
If you have a tightly knit pattern, work in the pass first before joining and let the glue dry, otherwise your lines may run together.
I began to paint with a layer of black as the base color.
This is mainly because I don't want it to show as bright white if I miss a place later.
Also, the metallic paint I use needs several layers before getting a solid color.
I found that on the basis of pure black, a layer of inferior gold can produce good results at a glance.
I did this for the inside of the Crown, not for the solid color and the weathered layer, just to save myself time and effort.
When I painted the Crown, I found that the hot glue design often didn't hold the paint as much as the plastic did.
A careless stroke does not apply the paint to the glue, and can sometimes wipe the previous paint layer.
Only mild paint is applied to these areas.
When the metal color is dry, I put (
Brush silver now)
The cardboard band is in place in the crown and begins to be weathered.
In order to achieve the effect of full Frost, use halfand-
Half mixture of black acrylic paint in water.
Depending on the metal you want to copy, you may want to use black and green to simulate oxidation.
Brush water-
Pour the paint on a small area and let it sit for a while and wipe it clean with a paper towel.
Ideally, you should leave a little paint in the small cracks in the shape of the item.
I used this crown as a prop for a student movie.
After collecting the material, I was able to finish it in a few days for around $7 (
I already have the paint and glue gun).
This is the first time I have tried using polystyrene sheets in the building, so I am still learning to use these materials.
If you have any comments or suggestions you can make this note more helpful and feel free to comment.
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