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farmers educated on advantages of solar dryer - 1 polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
farmers educated on advantages of solar dryer  -  1 polycarbonate sheet
The solar dryer National Workshop held here on Friday highlighted the use of solar dryers to reduce post-harvest waste and add value to fruits and vegetables.
The seminar was organized by Bayer Materials Science and its partners.
Director Harben Singh
The general of the National Productivity Council said there is a large amount of solar energy available in India that can be used to dry agricultural products. Prof. B.
Sivaramakrishnan, chairman of Tiruchi A and A solar products, said Bayer Materials science had installed A solar dryer in Peraiyur in the Ramanathapuram area for drying peppers in the area of Tiruchi for drying
The Tamil Nadu government recently announced that it will install 100 solar dryers across the state and provide subsidies.
"Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, announced at the General Assembly on August 7 that 100 solar dryers will be installed at the price of rupees. 4 crore-2014-
For processing and value-added agricultural products . "
The farmers were taken to Sannasipatti near Tiruchi and visited the greenhouse solar dryer.
The greenhouse solar dryer is a closed room for drying various crops using the greenhouse effect.
It helps to preserve food and improve the shelf life of the product.
Multiple coverage
The dryer has a thermal insulation effect that helps to maintain the temperature for a long time.
Former Development Commissioner of Tamil Nadu government Vedha Narayanan said India is the second and third largest producers of fruits and vegetables, respectively, and because of the high moisture content, a large part of itProf.
Serm Janjai from the Department of Physics at the University of Silpakorn in Thailand talked about the application of the greenhouse solar dryer.
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